Poem (song)... Never-Ending Grace

Self-explanatory really :-)! 
Although no music has ever been put to it again...

Never-Ending Grace


I long to be better
I long to be able to
Run to You with everything
And to trust You implicitly
In every area of my life

But I’ve been hurt bad
Although I know You care
And You long to heal me
Still my heart refuses to accept
What my head already knows


Thank You Lord for being patient
I wanna
Thank You Lord for Your love
And when I feel the past
Start once again
To play with my soul
I wanna
Thank you Lord for Your never-ending grace


I stuff things up
Again and again
I fail miserably
Over and over
All the lessons You’re trying to teach

And when I can’t go
Any further alone
You’re there to take my hand
You’ve been there all along
And I really should have known


You’re my Saviour
My Lord
And even when I feel
Like the whole world is against me
I know I should...

© 6th October 1998


We are all guilty of lack of trust at points in our life - a lot of folk would identify with this.
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