Poem - Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love

This was written after having 'fallen in-love' with a friend... unfortunately another friend was also besotted, and appeared to have gained the young man's interest! I am sure we have all 'been there and done that' at some stage or another; and the feelings can be related to! 

You will see that as the poem goes on I am 'talking to God' (although He remains un-named)... you will actually find that in a lot of my poems from now on, as I use this as a way of working through issues. This is one of the reasons why I have not shared my poetry much in the past, or considered ever asking for advice - just too personal!

I can’t help this pain
My heart got carried away
On a symphony of hope
And sometimes I can still
Hear that soft sweet sound
As it glides gently past me

But then the ugly noise comes
A booming away in my ears
And my head roars as that
Little green eyed monster
Comes charging back up
Inside of me causing havoc

And with the intensity
Of both such opposite emotions
I double over in pain
And my heart once again
Breaks into pieces and
Shatters on the ground

This is when I need You
This is when You are meant
To come to me and heal
All this with some smooth
Sweet smelling ointment and
Some just so needed words

But You don’t - You leave me
To cope with this alone
As You stand beside me
With your arms outstretched
Reminding me once again that
If I had only listened and submitted
To You right from the beginning
This would never have happened


© 1st October 1998


I hear you - don't se do this in so many areas of life!!
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