Poems - Old Songs (4 again)...

I went through a phase of writing 'songs', I never had a tune in mind for them - but I wrote them up with versus and a chorus in the vain hope that one day... maybe *grin*!!!!

Except for the third one ('I Tell You This'), none of them were written with anyone in mind or for any specific reason; however the third song was written for someone. I did share it with them years later, although that was years ago now, and I don't know if they'd even remember! So no further explanations required:


Verse One

Lonely and frustrated
Nothing is going right
Couldn’t get much worse
Looking forward to tomorrow night
There’s a party going on
But once you’re there
You find it doesn’t change a thing
People still don’t really care


That’s when you need Jesus
He’ll pull you through
With the help from His church
He’ll always be there for you
Always be there for you

Verse Two

There’s many different ways
That Jesus will help you
Take a look at His word
He’ll be there, His promises are true
And there’s practical ways
That His church can come through
The phonecall, the shoulder
The little something for you

(Back to chorus)


So why wait until you are down in the pit?
Just look up to Jesus, He’ll get you out of your fix.

(Back to chorus)

© 6th February 1994



Verse 1

Why, oh tell me why?
Why is it that you come to me?
Why, oh tell me why?
What is it that you see?
Is it because I listen?
Because I believe?
Is it because I accept
With no questions asked?
Why, oh tell me why?
What is it that you see?

No, I know the reason
Even if you can’t answer


It’s because I have Jesus
He’s burning out a light
He’s shining through me
Into your darkest night
It’s because I have Jesus
He’s leading you down a path
That through me you can see
It’s because I have Jesus in me


Verse 2

Ask for a straight answer
And all you do is circle
You can’t seem to understand
That I mean no harm to you
You run away, as though to hide
But for all of your big acts
You always, when something happens
Come running, running right back

Oh, I know the reason
Even if you won’t answer

Back to chorus

© 8th February 1994

PS - This was put to music by a friend in 1998, she even recorded it ;-)!



Verse 1:
You come to church
You do the right things
Everyone thinks you’re wonderful
But on-one knows you inside
You put on all the right acts
In front of all the right people
But inside you’re crying out for acceptance
Just longing to be loved for you

But trust me when I tell you this

Jesus loves you
He understands what you’re feeling
There’s no need to hide from Him
Just cry out to the Lord
From the bottom of your heart
And He will fill that void inside
There’s no need for the farce

Verse 2:
You’ve let down all your barriers
Just once to often in this life
And you’ve been hurt real bad
So the walls are up now for good
Inside is this little person
All shriveled up in discouragement
And you think no-one understands
Exactly what is going on

But listen when I tell you this

(Go back to chorus)

There are people all around
Longing to know you
There are people all around
Interceding just for you

So please understand when they tell you this

(Go back to chorus)

© 8th February 1994


Why Can't You See?

Verse One

Oh why can’t you see?
What is it that you don’t understand?
It all matches up real well
And comes out something grand
It really happened that way
Just as the bible says
Something happened on that day
But you’re shutting your eyes and ears


God created the world
He created you and me
So why can’t you see that?
It’s as simple as can be

Verse Two

This monkey business
It just can’t be true
But if you want to come from an ape
Then I’ll leave that up to you
But ain’t it obvious
Even right from the start
We were created in God’s image
He formed our every part
(Back to chorus)

Verse Three

It just gets me so frustrated
To see you laughing at me
But I’m telling you the truth
So why can’t you believe?
These theories that are forced on you
Just muck up everything
And when the truth hits you in the face
You throw it full-force back at Him
(Repeat chorus again)

© 8th February 1994


See I told you - 'Bridges' and everything *grin*! I have always liked the last one the best... but really, none of them have any great potential. However, they're part of me - part of who I am; and they have helped shape me into the person I am today!  'They' being all of my writing!

And once more - IT DOES GET BETTER (least I think it does)!



Keep writing - it is so much part of you, and sometimes you can say things in verse that won't be said in prose.
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