Questions and Thank You's and a Reminder!

Hello Wonderful Bloggy Friends,

I have a few questions, a few thank you's and a desperate reminder :-)!

So - first to the thank you's...

To you all who have been commenting lately - THANK YOU... I have not been able to respond to you all, as not everyone has their e-mail address linked to the comments they leave or you've signed yourself anon! So to those folks - thanks for popping by, reading my scribbles and responding. You have no idea what it does to this girls heart!!!! Makes my day/week/month (okay - so that's a little dramatic, but you know what I mean *grin*)!!!!!!!!

Now the reminder - PLEASE come and follow me here now... I have not had many of my loyal followers follow me over yet; which makes me sad (but thank you to those who have, and thank you to my new followers as well - so exciting)! This is small 'cause I know it sounds desperate - and I'll leave at this I think!

I Can't help myself though and was wondering, do I need to possibly put another post on 'Lizzy's Letters' and make it more clear that it is now a dead and gone blog and I live here? I'm not sure; my sis-in-law suggested I do that... will think about it over the weekend! I note that KMB has now deleted 'Lizzy's Letters' and added this blog in; so that may help remind folks also, yay!

So - onto the real stuff now: questions!

1) Link Within
I had this working perfectly on my previous blog, but no matter how many times I have tried adding it into this blog, it just will NOT cooperate! I don't know what I am doing wrong and it is driving me bananas!

2) My Header
I cannot make it stretch or centre it or anything - looks cheap and shabby, and that is NOT the look I want. I did it on Photoscape, can anyone help me (please)!?

3) Signature
I see a number of others have a signature that comes up on the bottom of every post they write - how do you do this? I want one ;-)!

4) Button 
I am going to TRY and make a button for people to add onto their sidebars, thanks to the tutorial Simone at greatfun4kids has up (the link will take you straight into the tutorial). But if for some strange reason (namely ME) it doesn't work, maybe someone can take pity on me?!? I'll let you know -  there will be a BIG celebratory post if I do manage to make it work, and loads of encouragement to share it on your blog *grin*! But don't get too excited, as I don't do giveaways, so there'll be no bribing - just begging, I do stoop that low as this post shows...

Anyway, I REALLY have to go now and do those dishes that have been sitting waiting for a few hours :-(!

So, until next time


Know the joys of computer frustrations - finally got my DT watermark on my cards, and now blogger does not like it,/won't read the image and won't load it....
Amy said…
Hey Elizabeth,
I had a LOT of trouble with my picture at the top too. I think in the end to get it to fit semi okay I had to keep going back and resizing the actual picture (I used Picture Manager at the time - and just opened it, resized, saved as a another title, and tried it on the blog, going back to the orginal each time till I got something about the right size)...I think the issue is that Blogger resizes it to fit, and doesn't do a very good job! Grin. Ah, computers. Who'd do life without them now?!?
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