The Weekend of Extremes...

Wow - did we have a weekend of extremes ;-)!

Our weather went from this on Friday and Saturday:

To this on Sunday and today:

I couldn't resist the washing line photo, as anyone who has been living in Auckland (or for that matter, all of New Zealand) for the past fortnight (Amy S, that means TWO weeks - in case you didn't get my e-mail explaining that) will know that is has been impossible to put washing out on the line, let alone expect it to get dry! The weather has been atrocious!

So my lounge went from looking like a laundry room on Saturday (top photo in case you can't tell), to looking like a lounge room again yesterday... albeit with baby toys spread all over!

Our little girl was SICK on Saturday, a raging fever which never went below 38oC all day (she was still 38oC after a bath and pamol); clingy, miserable and generally not a happy child at all... to bouncing back to her usual cheerful (albeit - no sleep) self on Sunday!

The only thing we did on Saturday was to go to Manna Christian Store where I got to spend my birthday money (thanks Noelene and Dennis)... we weren't aware just how sick Button was then, thought it was just teething:

It felt like all my Christmas' had come at once... can you see? Four novels for me, four books for Button, a devotional and 3 CD's (one for each of us). Money well spent I'd say - all of it was bought with my birthday money except the devotional and one book for Button; which 'we' bought together - these are the two books to the far right of the photo!!!!!

This morning Button woke early (ggrrrr - stupid teething again), but it meant I got to see the mist rising over Auckland City, a sight to behold:

And the last two evenings we have been granted the most spectacular sunsets as well... totally stunning:

This afternoon Button and I popped out for a walk, and I discovered a tree that still is shrouded in it's Autumn Finery... but at one point, it is also beginning to show it's Spring Splendor - quite the show-ff really! One side was full of beautiful red/brown leaves, and then when I looked back I discovered pink buds flowering:

It was a lovely day today with Button... she is definitely a 1-sleep kid now, she only had one 30 minute sleep yesterday, and one 40 minute sleep today (despite being put down and offered the chance of sleeping more). However, generally speaking, if she is not sick or sore - she is a happy-tired kid, and just keeps on going... and going... and going! There is no stopping her, or slowing her down - the only time she sits still is for a book, and she is book-obsessed (which is good), and will sit through as many as you're willing to read - one after another, after another, after another... :-)! It is generally me or Mr. C that get sick of reading to her, rather than her getting sick of listening - and we have the same few books that are favourites; although they change every few days thankfully!

Here is some of what we got up to today:

1) Kissing the cat
2) Have chalk - will run with it, not draw with it ;-)!
3) Reading to myself!
4) Daddy reading another book to me!
5) More running (and showing off my true colours - go All Blacks)!
6) In the stroller out for a walk - she was totally inelegant here, legs wide apart (shame the whole photo couldn't fit into that corner)... in case it is hard to tell, I took the photo looking down over the top of the stroller!

Monday's are normally home-days, as I try and get the worst of the housework done... but I have noticed, the older she gets the less time she wants to spend at home! So tomorrow I think we'll pack some food and head off to the Gardens for a walk and a play while the weather is still good!



Wasn't it wonderful to get washing done and dry outside :-))))

Good to see that she is so much better and loving life again, and that you are loving getting out with her now.
Amy said…
Nice reading material! Did you give up on the slippers or am I confusing that with something else? Pleased to hear Button is on the mend.
Loved the photo collages of your activities.
Love Amy
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