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I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is. 

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So many things to love... but there has been a few things I haven't been loving this week also; namely two tummy bugs (minor ones thankfully) which have swept through our small family (poor Button getting the worst of them both)! Two in one week feels a little unfair really - but never mind, we seem to have finally come out the other end now.

So for what I am loving though:

1) Husbands who come home when asked... after waking up to another tummy bug on Monday (Button - not me this time), I got through the morning but then started feeling overwhelmed. Rang hubby at work, and instead of a 'harden up' lecture like I expected; he offered to come straight home. Awww - so sweet, and so appreciated (especially when he turned up with a chocolate bar for me. Hmmm - I sense a reoccurring theme here of me and chocolate, check out this post! )!

2) Gorgeous cloud formations after one of the coldest days we've had this winter:

3) Despite the bugs, and having to postpone/cancel the first three days of activities this week - we did manage to get out for a walk on Tuesday! It was COLD (yay for Nana-knitted jerseys), but we needed the fresh air and chance to stretch our legs:

4) Our little walker - she is gaining in confidence every day and is looking more and more like a natural! Funny how quickly it all happens, and how it is now so hard to remember back to her pre-walking days! I am LOVING it, and I hardly ever take her stroller out now, as she just loves the independence that walking gives her! She is also now starting to explore more away from me - finally, thought I'd have a cling-on forever ;-)! 

5) Crazy-Hat Child... we have insisted on her wearing a hat so much outside, that it now gets given to me to put on inside as well (or is that a clue to take her outside again *grin*, playing dumb about that idea just yet)!

6) The excitement barely contained when taking her outside - unfortunately this photo doesn't show you the extent of that excitement; but her hands are flapping hard-out, the latest thing she does when she is excited. So cute:

And it's amazing how going outside, even for just 15-20 minutes, can change the whole mood of the day for us! She is a total outside-kid, unlike me who'd much rather be snuggled up inside... it takes a lot of work for me to take her out on cold days, as it is totally against the grain; but oh so worth it!

7) Little cousin play-dates again:

This time the 'other Aunty' was looking after Sienna and suggested meeting us at the shops this morning... it was lovely to catch up with Kat, and Sienna is such a wee cutie! Kat had promised Sienna a fluffy and a 'bath bomb' (Sienna is such a girly-girl, and really into things like bath-bombs... would take that over a trip to McDonalds these days)! She adores Button SO much, and couldn't stop chatting all the way down about seeing 'Cousin Idia'! So sweet! Unfortunately Cousin Idia wasn't in such a playful mood (tired) and so wasn't as accommodating as the last time we saw her... never mind, maybe next time!

8) The secret to better sleeps... Button is NOT a good day-time sleeper, never has been but the transitioning down to one sleep is really taking a toll on her, and we're often only getting one 1/2-3/4 hour sleep all day out of her :-(! This makes for one grumpy baby by the end of the day... poor Daddy isn't getting many smiles or cuddles at the moment :-(! However, she was just SO tired last night we had her in bed and asleep by 6:15pm, and she slept through until 7:20am - the latest she has slept since that random 8am a fortnight ago! She has now been asleep this afternoon for an hour also, and I am praying hard we get a decent sleep (finally) out of her today. Daddy didn't like not seeing his girl last night, but there was nothing we could do about it... So from now on - short day sleeps will mean EARLY nights to try and help her cope with her long days!

That's it from me for now!



Love your updates and looking forward to seeing you and button next week!!
Have you tried the Gran knitted jersy yet?
PaisleyJade said…
Loving the hats... and a guy who knows how much chocolate means to women!!
Amy said…
I just love Button and her hat! Munchkin insists on taking his hat OFF as soon as we walk back in the door. Or when we stop to sit on a seat. Or if he thinks it isn't really cold outside. But he does know it has to go on before we go outside. He will stand there, hat on, waving, saying 'car' by the gate, until I am ready!
Funny how the personalities show up even this early. I love wearing my hat. I could wear it all day, inside and all when it is cold...or when I feel miserable!
Ange said…
Another great lot of lovin'! My little man is getting more confident with his walking too, and like you, I'm amazed at how quickly it's all happening! They are so much more independent now, huh? And determined :) Button is such a cutie - yey for better nighttime sleeps! Your husband definitely deserves to make the list - coming home, and with chocolate?? Good man!
Anonymous said…
Cute photos, your littlies are adorable!
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