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I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is. 

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1) Party dresses to wear to 1st birthday party's: 

Happy 1st birthday Little Luke, we love you!

* Edit - Just to clarify, it wasn't Button's 1st birthday (that was back in May), it was our neighbours little boy, Luke! Sorry for the confusion!

2) Cute little dresses that can now be worn (dresses and crawlers don't go well together, but now she's walking...):

3) Toys that go down a treat - here she is playing with our latest Trade-Me purchase that I talked about in last week's 'Loving...' Post:

4) Cute, but oh-so-lazy cats:

5) The motivation to start cooking better (and family-friendly) meals, which you can read about here:

6) Playcentre visits - she LOVED it so much! I have never seen Button settle so quickly, be ready to explore on her own so quickly or to respond to other people so quickly! While we can't enrol straight away, as she just won't last the three hour sessions yet - we're looking forward to it already. Here is a picture of her sitting down at the table for morning tea, she loved sitting with 'the big kids' and couldn't stop laughing!

7) Stormy weather - good excuse to light the fire and have a quiet afternoon at home:

8) Cute new outfits bought by a besotted Aunt (& Uncle). Thanks once more Rowie & Russell:

9) Our clever little walker who refuses to crawl now... I know I keep bragging on her, but we had to walk with her for so long that it is still a novelty knowing she can do it herself!

10) Little cousin play dates... these two are just SO cute together, and the older Button gets, the more they interact together! I just know they're going to be good friends:

Well that's it from me this week,


Hootnz said…
Thats a lovely list, no worries with all the bragging... I totally understand... I'm just the same :) Lovely to see you enjoying your lil girl so much, i also loved it when I could finally put my girly in dresses, so sweet.
Dee said…
What a little cutie. I love that 'just learnt to walk' phase. Adorable.
Stephanie said…
Oh, Happy birthday to your sweet girl! This is such a fun age of discovery! You get to see the world fresh again through her little eyes! My granddaughter had birthday last week too...she turned one:)
Miss Prudence said…
What a clever and well dressed little person and such a social butterfly!
You have every reason to brag about Button :-) and the cat :-)) and the cooking.....

PaisleyJade said…
Beautiful dress - and playcentre is awesome! All our kids have loved it. Cute pics!!
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