Ice Maiden - Poem

I think this one is fairly self-explanatory also... I noticed that while I was struggling through some of the rougher times I tended to keep people arm-length, even those I loved the most. I still tend to do that, and have a habit of standing with my arms crossed - even now, especially when I am uncomfortable (or meeting new people). Something to work on ;-)!


Here she comes again,
To posses me from all angles.
Those cold blue eyes,
That feel like they stare,
Straight through to your soul.
Those mocking eyes,
At your pretences,
Do they make you uncomfortable?

The once laughing lips,
Are now pursed and laugh-less.
They sneer at you,
And yet it’s not your fault.
They speak of all the memories,
But not of the fun, harmless times,
Instead it’s of all the times,
You would much rather forget.

That quick tongue.
Straight off the mark,
And right into your heart.
Sarcasm, it’s meant to be,
The lowest form of wit,
And yet I live by it.
As soon as you get close,
That tongue whips you back into place.

That body language.
The fold-of-the-arms,
Keeping you out.
The angle I stand at,
Roaring out to the crowd,
“I don’t need you,
“Because I have got me”.
Enough for you to keep your distance.

The Ice Maiden,
That is who I have
Just turned into.
But who is she to lie,
To all of you close to me.
And make you believe in her?
Tell me who she is,
To masquerade as me?

And yet this is when,
Definitely most of all
I need your unconditional love,
And support you’ve always shown.
As the Ice Maiden is but a brittle mask.
And it does not take much,
For her to break in half,
And the frigidity to melt away.

So don’t give up on me yet
Dear Ones, as God is slowly
Slithering in through
The cracks of my defense.
And the more He enters,
The less of the Ice Maiden.
And with a heart-felt prayer,
The more you’ll see of the “real me”

So please stand by me,
And forgive me when
That Ice Maiden facade,
Has hurt you through
So many thoughtless acts and words.
And as the past begins to slowly,
Melt away from me,
I pray we’ll remain forever friends.

© 16th June 1999


Cat said…
Well written Elizabeth xxx
I too stand with my arms crossed and have to really try to not do it.
I'm not a sarcastic person tho, however, have a friend or two who are . . .
I admire your honesty xx
You are well melted now my dear - or maybe I am privileged.
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