Let Me Remind You - Poem

Totally self-explanatory!

Let Me Remind You

I was told it was because he loved me,
I didn’t feel loved.

I was told it was because I was special,
I didn’t feel special.

I was told it was “our little secret”,
I’d never had a secret like this before.

I didn’t feel strong enough to carry that burden.
I was only young, my shoulders small,
I couldn’t even begin to comprehend.
So instead I built a big, strong wall.

Inside this wall I had hidden me,
From the prying eyes of the world outside.
And as I got older, the wall got stronger,
Until “CRASH” and the turning of the tide.

The hate, the anger, and all that pain,
That I had stored behind those laughing eyes,
Came gushing out, I could not stop it.
Those cleansing tears,
For all those years,
Lost behind that wall.

“Oh God, why bring it up now?”
I cried, as the memories flooded in.
“I don’t think I can cope with this again,
“Am I ever going to win?”

“My Child,” He whispered softly, “I’ll help you,
“To lose the hate, anger, and all that pain.
“Although a rosy life I will not promise,
“I have so much in store for you to gain.”

I stayed curled up in my corner,
Still holding on to all I’ve ever known.
He clasped my hands, and lifted me up,
“There’s so much that I have yet to show.”

“Can you see that meadow full of grass?
“The sun setting over those mountains?
“The sea softly creeping up over the sand?”

“Then let Me remind you that...”
“I love you more than all those blades of grass.
“More than those beautiful snow crystals.
“More than all those grains of sand.”

“There is so much more to life than what you’ve seen,
“So much more that I want you to taste.
“Won’t you allow Me to make you whole again?
“For I just won’t let you go to waste!”

Slowly I looked up into His face,
“Jesus - You really mean that?”
He nodded, and smiled through His tears.
“Then take me Lord, and use me as You will,
“For I am Yours, now and forever more.”

“But please, I am carrying such a heavy load,
“I don’t see how You can use me...”

“My Child - here, let Me carry that.
“Remember, when it gets heavy again -
“And there’ll be days when it does.
“Just tap Me on the shoulder,
“Hand it all back over,
“Then let us continue on together once more.”

I smiled and held out my hand,
We then made the first steps towards my new life.

©16 May 1999


Cat said…
Arms right around you in a big loving hug xxx s
Yup - very self explanatory.
Love you
Stephanie said…
wow. God is such a great God to restore us and make us whole. Thank you for sharing.
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