Loads to LOVE this week!

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is. 

And as always I'm linking up with:

1) A lovely family walk down at the Botanical Gardens on a gorgeous Sunday morning (so should have been at church, but...):

Not only did I have cute subjects to take pictures of, but there was also some lovely scenery with spring slowly blossoming!

2) We had some visitors this week also, both of whom Button seemed to enjoy having around (or at least she managed to coerce both of them to read to her, which is ALWAYS a hit in her eyes):

Button with Aunty Sarah & Nana Hilda...

3) Our wee red-head! Button has red highlights in her hair, was born this way and so far they have managed to stay... but I suspect this summer they will probably end up bleaching out to blonde! So I thought I would try and take some photos of it, as most photos don't capture her in the right light; and she may never believe me when I tell her later on! We get comments ALL the time about her hair!

These are the best I could get, but even these don't do justice to it... you'll just have to believe me :-)!

4) Sharing the Self-Portrait LOVE!
Thanks to Simone who gave people a 'tutorial' (of sorts) at the 'Bloggy Meet-Up' of taking self-portraits... and included a photo of it (as did many others) on her blog; I thought I'd give it a go!
You know what - IT WORKED! I never take good self-portraits, E.V.E.R! But this time there were more 'nice' ones of me, rather than of Button; hehehe!

Oh, and by the way - Button had put her hat on me, hence the photos... 'sharing the hat around'!

5) Hat hair; Button this time, not me ;-)!

6) Cute with a clip... unfortunately it doesn't last long these days, but maybe one day she'll leave it alone!

7) A new drink bottle, bought for Mummy today; but completely taken over by Button! Hopefully the novelty wears off soon!

8) Peek-A-Boo through the door!

9) Walks at parks that require refreshment stops :-)!

10) Chance meetings at the shops with my sister-in-law and niece! Lovely having morning tea with them, only 6 weeks until that second wee baby is due - can't wait to meet her!


PaisleyJade said…
Love your self portraits! Button is so cute - and her hair colour is amazing. Is that what they'd call strawberry blonde? So pretty.
Button's hair is gorgeous! I hope it doesn't bleach away, strawberry blonde toddlers are so adorable. Love all the spring blossoms on your walk - the seasons are changing, hooray!
Cat said…
so much to love - button is deliciously cute
I have to wait until tomorrow to put mine up - coz tomorrow brings me love love love
Amy said…
Lovely photos yet again, Elizabeth.
Button's hair is getting quite long. I will have to read up on the self portraits I think...tried some this morning (of me loving my toast for breakfast - ah, butter!) but they did not come out well...so some tips are in order. Grin. Have a lovely weekend!
Love Amy
Amy said…
And thank you SO much for your support of Boyo and I as we've "Lived Below the Line." Loved reading your comments last night! Amy
Great things to love - and so glad I get to cuddle Button in a few days :-)
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