Lost That Loving Feelin'

I have been on the quiet side here for the past week or more... kinda lost my blogging mojo a bit :-(!

I am exhausted - one busy toddler who hardly stops and hardly sleeps, and who has been teething for the past two months will do that to you! Life has got much busier, and I have not had the time, motivation, or... well anything really, to spend time writing and posting here.

I am sure once this bout of teething is over, and Button starts sleeping more again... and I get into a decent rhythm with Playcentre, Coffee n Kids and the TNT Trust Meetings - I'll feel the urge again; but until then it will remain fairly quiet.

I will still do my 'Weekly Loving' entries (think they're SO important), and my poems - but that will probably be it!

However - do pop back once in a while, as my blog is going to get a REVAMP, thanks to the lovely Simone at Greatfun4kids... YAY, so excited to have won that competition! I tried so hard to get this new blog looking good before I 'opened' it for you all to see, but I just don't have the know-how to make it work (or the time to play as much as I'd need to). So this way I get a new look without all the frustration.... perfect!

I will be back though, I love blogging... just need a little break to recharge my batteries!



Cat said…
Yeah - I'm so happy you won the blog makeover competition - looking forward to seeing some exciting changes over here -
I understand re losing blogging mojo - it's happened to me a couple of times LOL I always seem to find it again though.
thinking of you during this time
Blogging is addictive so I am sure you will be back sooner than you think - teeth and sleep (or lack of) and toddlers all go together and "this too shall pass"
Congrats on the win too - I look fowards to the new improved look ;-)
Amy said…
Beautiful new look! And I will look forward to seeing you back in blogland when your 'mojo' returns.
Love Amy
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