Terrific Tuesday...

My Mummy is up from down south, and is staying a few days with us - yay, I love having her come and stay and Button adores her also! Big squeals, smiles, wiggles and cuddles when she realised this morning that Gran was still here!

This evening we are both catching up on our blogs:

This is 'quality time' with my Mum!
You can check out her blog here!

Neither my Dad nor my husband understand our need nor desire to blog... they think we're mad; but hey, at least we can be mad together (and mad together with my sis-in-law whom you can find here as well, imagine the family-gatherings *grin*)!

It has been a fun couple of days so far, we haven't done much (other than spend money at the shops today!), but tomorrow Mum is coming to Playcentre with me and Button, as we attend our second visit! Looking forward to that...

THEN - lucky Gran, gets to come with me to the Doctors so Button can have her 15 month jabs :-(! Not looking forward to that, hence the moral support - I booked it when she was up on purpose for that reason! If Button reacts and is a grumpy-bum and misery bags, at least it'll only be one day of it for Gran to deal with, as she then heads home again on Thursday afternoon!

Spring has sprung here at our place - earlier than last year (which you can read about here), and our daffodils have already started to show off their gorgeous colours; and down the driveway there are twin lambs just a couple of weeks old! This winter has been one of the warmest (and wettest) I can remember for a long time:

I really haven't got much to say, as you can tell - but just thought I'd pop in and share the past few days with you all! I was meant to have a meeting tonight, but it got postponed until next week - which left me a free evening (Mum had already 'booked' this evening to catch up on blogging, knowing I'd be busy)... 

Anyway, it's nearing bedtime, and I must go and check on that daughter of mine and make sure she is warm enough.


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