Things I am LOVING!

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is. 

And as always I'm linking up with:

1) MY NEW BLOG... did you notice? Thanks to Simone at 
greatfun4kids... such an exciting competition to have won, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I even have a new signature, which I didn't realise until I popped in to do this post - wahoo, thanks Simone (it ALL looks great) :-)!!!!!!!!

2) SNOW in Auckland:

I know, I know, I know the above photos are actually of hail... BUT it did snow, and there are many photos around the blogisphere to prove it! I was driving when it snowed, and had a sleeping child and no camera - so couldn't catch the actual event on camera. This was the closest I came to it - but it does show you how heavy the hail was!

3) LOVING the beautiful (albeit crisp) days that have followed that horrible storm... the past two days have been magnificent, and it is set to continue right through the weekend (for a change)! Yay for gorgeous days!

4) For beautiful warm, woolen jerseys:

Mum knitted mine YEARS ago, but it hasn't had much use lately as the winters are relatively mild up here in Auckland. But this cold snap has brought it back out - we have been wearing 'Our Gran Jerseys' all week :-)!

5) PEGS - they are the latest toys again! Button has been playing with them all week, and they have kept her well occupied - yay for such simple things:

Here she is putting pegs (and other bits and bobs) through the door of her dollshouse!

And talking of toys - we're stoked to have got some new (read: borrowed) toys last night from Button's Aunty... that made her evening! She played for ages with them - although today it's back to pegs and her dollshouse *grin*!

6) Walks up our driveway... we bumped into our neighbour with her puppy again, but this time I came armed and had my camera on hand! We had a lovely 20 minutes or so sitting on her driveway in the sun chatting while Button and Bella entertained each other!

Our beautiful tree in blossom half way up our drive - this never fails to get me to smile, no matter how gray the day outside! I LOVE it... it is looking a little bedraggled after the storm, but is still stunning!

Button and Bella making friends!

Button walking up the steepest part of the drive by HERSELF!

7) Slowly becoming friends... kinda! Looked so sweet seeing Button reading beside Pixel!

However if you're a Facebook friend of mine, you'd have seen this status up on Saturday:

I wish we'd had the camera going this morning... L**** went up to 'hug' the cat, who did not appreciate being woken up so roughly - she turned around, jumped up and nipped L**** on the head! No damage, just hurt pride! A few minutes later, once L**** had calmed down - she went back to the cat, growled her and pulled her tail hard!

Mr. C and I have not laughed so hard in AGES!


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