What I'm Lovin' This Week!

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is. 

And as always I'm linking up with:

1) Loving that Kristy ALWAYS manages to go through every single blog that links up with her, and finds something to comment on! I always look forward to seeing what she says... (I also love going through them all, I just don't always get a chance to comment, as time is at a premium over the weekends)!

2) New washing machines - our one just up and died on us two weeks ago... we had a look around and found that we'd probably need to invest about $1200 minimum to get a decent washing machine. Then last Saturday we checked out Harvey Norman, and found the exact machine I wanted for a low $790... I was STOKED, as was hubby! Check out this baby:

3) Loving that my man gets off work at 3pm today, and we get to meet him at the shops for a 'family date'! Be still my beating heart... I love when he gets off early, and I love spending time with him! I am really looking forward to this afternoon!

4) Loving these little glimpses of spring in our garden this morning:

5) Loving our 'Little Explorer'... we have had a barrier up to keep her within the confines of our living area. This week we decided that she is now old enough to have access to all area's, as she is handling steps well (we have a two-story house). Of course all the doors are kept shut except her bedroom... but she seems to be enjoying the chance to roam:

Exploring down the hallway (helping Daddy run her bath) and tackling those stairs - up and down... she has them sussed!

Exploring her bedroom - she doesn't really spend much time up there unless asleep; so now she is spending quite a bit of time just checking it all out! Time to include some toys up there I am thinking :-)! 
PS - She is loving 'hats' and discovered a 'doily' and has decided it is the latest hat!

6) Loving gorgeous sunsets after hard days:

7) Loving the fact, that despite the living area getting flooded out yesterday due to the heavy rain overnight - not much damage was done that couldn't be fixed! The mat got wet, Button's toys and toyshelf had to be moved, so we could mop up and clean (and the shelves needed to dry also)... but with the fire on and windows open, everything got dry and back to normal!

The mess that was my living area yesterday!

8) Long walks partway up our driveway this morning - Button walked with me (most of the way anyway) and we got to see the sheep and the pigs... she needed to get out after a day of fevers yesterday (reaction to her immunisation I think)! Part way up we met with our neighbour and their 12 week old puppy Bella... Button was smitten and I am gutted I didn't take my camera! What a fun 20 minutes or so though, they were both very gentle like they knew the other was a baby, Janet said she'd never seen Bella so gentle; sweet!

9) Water play... we have had so much rain the past couple of nights that there is water everywhere. But it's also warm enough that I let Button just go for it today - she had a lot of fun learning about water, and splashing everywhere (normally only gets to do that in the bath):

A change of clothes was required afterwards!

10) A glimpse of blue amoungst the black clouds... a reminder that 'this too shall pass'!

11) Pixel... she loves us coming outside, and hates being left out of anything. We normally have a small follower when we're out, despite the fact that Button still tries to 'play' with her!

12) Sweet Sunday mornings... Nana gave Button a coat the other week, that is perfect as a dressing gown on her this year (will be relegated to a coat again next year though)! So we had a slow start last Sunday and let her stay in her PJ's and new dressing gown until we had to get her ready for church! She LOVED the dressing gown with the big flowers, and spent ages touching them and pulling on the white bobbles underneath also(not sure how long they will last *grin*)! We then dressed her in a new outfit we were sent by my cousin when she was born - I couldn't imagine her ever being big enough to fit it when it arrived, but here we are just over a year later... *sigh*, time sure has flown by!

Well that's about it from me this week, need to get this posted and linked before Button wakes from her sleep!



Cat said…
What a lovely post :) so much to be thankful for and to love.
Button is so sweet playing with the water . . . I must find you a link of FB of Play At Home Mums - they come up with the best simple ideas of play at home for toddlers.
Enjoy your family date and weekend - precious memories
What a little sweetie that daughter of yours is!! Love the waterplay - takes me back a few years :-) And the fact that Pixel follows you around.
I see you kowhai is in leaf - ours hasn't started yet - I think!!
Love the photos of Button's water play - she's so cute! And your daffodils...they are such a happy flower :)
Ms. Kate said…
Your little one is absolutely precious <3 Also loving your pics of the sunset - gorgeous!
PaisleyJade said…
Haha - thank you! I'm a bit late in visiting the blogs, but always love reading what you have to be thankful for!!

Really loving the sound of a family date... hope it went well! So looking forward to spring and your wee girl is so cute and such an explorer!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

p.s. did I ever tell you I love pigs? Used to collect anything pig related!!
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