7 Years...

It has been 7 years of married life... if I said 'blissful' married life you'd all know I was lying, we're not perfect. However I can tell you, as much as there have been some hard years -  they have still been the best 7 years of my life; and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Thank you for always loving me - through thick and thin (quite literally *grin*), for knowing me almost better than I know myself, for being the best man for the job... I couldn't imagine life beside anyone else, and I couldn't imagine a better Daddy for a precious girl, and the new babe to come.

Praying the next 7 years just get better and better, and some of those dreams we have been dreaming together start coming to fruition!

Love you Mr. C xx


Congrats :-) May the next seven years (and beyond) get better and better - and obviously busier and busier!!
Cat said…
Wishing you another wonderful 7 years and another and another and another xxx
Happy Anniversary

ps: loving your hair long!
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