Loving, Loving, Loving

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is. 

And as always I'm linking up with the lovely:

1) Loving that I can finally share with you all that:

9 weeks along now, due 13th April 2012.
Button will only be two weeks off turning two when this bubs is due...
We're thrilled!!!!!!!!

2) Loving having my Mum staying with me this week... I haven't had any major morning sickness at all, but I have never known such fatigue! So she has come up to give me a hand with Button for a few days:

3) Loving that, after we gave Button a 'quick' trim this morning... (read: she moved and now the fringe is shorter than planned and slightly crooked - ooops) we went and found the album that had hair from my first trim in it, at 18 months (Button is 16 months) and our hair is the exact same colour! How cool is that!!!!

The slightly crooked and very short fringe ;-)!

Left - my hair at 18 months
Right - Button's hair today (16 months)

4) Loving listening to my girl and her Gran downstairs... one of the ways Mum is helping me, is to send me off to my room to have some 'me-time' when Button goes down for a sleep (snooze, read, FB, Blogging - whatever I fancy), and then she gets Button up and feeds her lunch! Button has LOVED this, and is just so happy to see Gran; they are sounding like they're having a ball! This is also being done to help me wean Button - I am still feeding her 3x a day due to her allergies, but the pressure is on now I am pregnant... so we're cutting out the middle feed! So far, so GOOD!

5) Loving that Mr. C gets to come home at 3pm again today, and is bringing salmon steaks home with him for tea - YUM! We are also getting an afternoon out at 'The Home Show' tomorrow, once Button has gone down for her sleep - Mr. C and I are sneaking off and Gran is baby-sitting! For all intents and purposes - it doesn't sound like she'll miss us at all ;-)!

6) Loving sharing the beach with Button for the first time - she had a ball and didn't want to come home:

7) Loving the beginning of 'Pretend Play'... Button started pretending to sleep this week with Daddy, oh so cute!

8) Loving our little helper - started helping us put the groceries away this week... even put the cat food in the right place, and stacked the tins up 5 high! Amazing!

9) Loving how a $2 Shop handbag has been played with over and over again this week:

10) Loving spring and signs of new life - there is a new calf down our driveway, all of about 2 weeks old!

11) Loving getting to know the neighbours (the ones with the wee puppy Bella)... Janet popped over for morning tea earlier this week and stayed for well over 2 hours just chatting! Button was amazing, and just pottered around - I was stoked! We're now also having her and hubby over for dinner on Sunday - these are people, who in their own words, aren't very social at all! I am so stoked she is making the effort, and they're keen to come for dinner... made my week!

12) Still loving Playcentre and even better, another lovely friend from church has joined us! Yay! So much fun for all of us... And I can't believe the difference in Button - far more relaxed, she now smiles whenever anyone talks to her, interacts with the adults, and will happily parallel-play with other kids! Loving how this is totally bringing her out of her shell, and we're seeing a confident toddler emerging!


So much to be thankful for :-)

Paticia kershaw said…
This was such a great read ;o0
Penny said…
Congrats!! How exciting and great that you don't have a lot of morning sickness
Cat said…
LOVING all of your lovings xxx
Miriam said…
So happy for you! That is really wonderful.
PaisleyJade said…
WOW!!! That is such EXCITING news. Congrats!!!
Unknown said…
Congrats :) So amazing to be so blessed :)
Amy said…
I just love Button's pink poker-dot outfit when she's putting away the tins! Very cute!
Munchkin has started carrying things from our shelves in the garage into the kitchen for us...his milk in particular, or a tin of peaches for Daddy! We've had to move the milk out of reach though as he's worked out how to open the lid so it is only a matter of time before the foil follows!
Hope you have a lovely week, and rest up!
Love Amy
Awesome lot of lovings! Having your mum around must be wonderful for you all :)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations!!!! How wonderful! I am so happy for you! We can be preggy buddies - you are due just a month after me! :) :) :) Wonderful list of things to be thankful for! CONGRATS again!
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