Loving This Week...

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is. 

As usual I am linking up with:

1) Loving the safe arrival of our new niece - Indiana April (Indie) arrived at 10:30am this morning after a 38.5 hour labour... weighing in at 6lbs14! Sharlene did it all naturally, and we're very proud - what a trooper! Can't wait to meet Indie tomorrow afternoon ;-)! Ahhh - newborn cuddles, nothing better! Photos to come!

2) Playcentre and PAINT... the latest favourite thing for Button at Playcentre is the paint; but not just painting the paper - painting herself! Here is what she came home looking like on Monday (and the Wednesday session was even worse *grin*)!

Did you notice that even the hair is green!

3) The gorgeous weather this week... loving the sunshine, and the promise that summer this year is going to be long, hot and dry. Ahhhh - love, love, love!

4) Loving the longer sleeps Button is sometimes giving us... it was a full TWO hours on Thursday, bliss! I only wish I could have stayed at home relaxing and enjoying it - but was busy racing around getting a blood test done while 'Daddy' babysat (came home early to attend scan with me).

5) Loving that we can get 'see' our new baby through scans... got the 12 week scan done on Thursday, and there really is only ONE baby, wahoo! Very thorough look for us though, as the Radiologist also has twins in her family and understood our 'need to know'! She said she did the exact same thing when she was pregnant - earliest scan as possible, and asked them to triple check it was only one *grin*!  So also thankful that we got a lovely lady who was so thorough and so understanding!

6) Loving our techie kid:

Here is Button playing with Daddy's Smartphone! He downloaded an 'app' called 'Toddler Lock' that means she can't get into the phone, but it has a very cool game she can play - now every time she see's our phones, she wants them *grin*! Bother! (Not that she gets them I might add)!

7) Loving that the fatigue is lifting and I am slowly starting to feel 'human' again! I even managed to stay up for the entire AB's v France game (SO excited we WON); first game of the entire RWC I've watched all the way through... lifting just in time for the quarter finals starting next week ;-)!

Hmmm, I think that's about it for this week... nothing else stands out!


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