I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something that you can be thankful for... no matter how simple it is. 

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Just a short one this week, as it is already after 9:30pm; which is way past my bedtime these days!

1) We have FINALLY got the hang of pushing and steering the pram... it has taken a long time, and much frustration on all parts; but it is now a favoured toy and much treasured by all members of our family!

2) The Rugby World Cup - GO ALL BLACKS!!!!!

3) Our very patient pussy cat... after having been away for 5 days, Button was ever so excited to see Pixel. She spent about 10 minutes cuddling and tormenting her when we first arrived home!

4) These are a little bit random - but walks with Gran and Pop while we were down south on holiday. Only day we really got outside due to the bad weather that week, and Button was beside herself with excitement as she LOVES it outside!

5) Our toddler... not much baby left now, getting taller and leaner by the day!

6) The new babe... here I am at 11 weeks pregnant (not even through the first trimester); if we'd been planning on hiding this news until the 12 week mark we'd have been in big trouble! I am bigger here than I was at 18 weeks with Button. That had better be a future All Black growing in that tummy... ;-)!

7) This week the whole concept of feeding ourselves has just kicked in... and she is doing a fantastic job! While we still manage to get most of the meal into her, she is insisting on finishing it off and spends a good extra 10 or so minutes each time working hard at getting food onto the spoon (has the spoon to mouth thing sussed now)!

8) Daddy and Button time

9) Blessings falling from heaven...

In the photo below is a HUGE kleensack full of clothes that we have just been given for Button... what a blessing as we had nothing for summer for her, and were just thinking we'd need to start filling her wardrobe. I think now all we'll be needing are a few more t-shirts, some shorts and some skirts - everything else has pretty much been supplied!

Then today we got to go and pick up a second cot (also for free) from a workmate of Mr. C's! Their youngest is big enough for a bed now, but I was a little reluctant to put Button into a bed so soon... so now the new babe has their own cot! It is lovely, and has an innersprung mattress and all the sheets to go with it! 

Blessings, blessings, blessings!

10) Seven years of marriage celebrated today... best years of my life:


Amy said…
Yay! You're back! I've been waiting and waiting...seems like an age!

Awesome about the clothes and cot! Such blessings indeed.
Have you tried Button with the little fork from Gran and Poppa? Munchkin really, really, really likes using his. He will eat dinner on his fork that will not get eaten otherwise. Sometimes put on the fork by Mummy or Daddy, or sometimes stabbed from the highchair tray by himself...usually with hand clapping afterwards to congratulate himself!
Lovely to see you here again :-)
Wonderful news about Button feeding herself - won't be long and she will think you are redundant!! ;-)
PaisleyJade said…
Congratulations on your exciting news and also your wedding anniversary! Love the clothing blessings - such a help when gifts like that come along aren't they!!
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the wedding anniversary! And how fantastic to have recieved a cot and clothes. Love getting gifts like that! Button is growing like a weed (a gorgeous weed, haha) - they grow up so fast, don't they!
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