Oh - they can be SO different... makes me wonder what this wee child will be like! Totally different to their big sister I would imagine (especially if the pregnancies are anything to go by)!

Take this for example:
Left - me at 18 weeks with Button
Right - me last week at 11 weeks

Anyone else notice the SIZE difference... I am bigger this time at 11 weeks, than I was at 18 weeks previously! Seriously?!? I am not even out of my first trimester, and couldn't have hid it if I tried (or wanted to - thankfully we're not really worried about hiding these things)! I am HUGE; it had better be an All Black I growing in there ;-)! Oh, and just so you know; I started out this pregnancy almost 10 kilo's LIGHTER than I was when I got pregnant with Button, so it's not literal weight gain either (you can see it in my face in these photos)! Weird huh, I never believed I would lose that kind of weight after a baby...

The scary thing is - there are twins in my family... like serious (copious) amounts of them. I am trying not to think about it - trying REALLY hard not to even contemplate it; it really is JUST.AN.ALL.BLACK Elizabeth, nothing to be worried about (except the food bill when they get older)! We are having our 12 week scan this week, so all will be revealed then - and while I am joking about bubs being an 'All Black'; girl or boy, we don't mind ('she' could be a Black Fern and we'd be just as proud *grin*)!

So far pregnancy-wise:
- Serious nausea with Button from weeks 6-12 (not vomiting, but gagging at times).
- Hated anything sweet other than apples (and I lived on marmite and toast - lifesavers!).
- Couldn't stomach coffee or tea, and even the smell of coffee made me gag.
- Tired... but more 'normal' tired with pregnancy.
- Started getting serious indigestion / heartburn in 2nd trimester; went on meds at 20 weeks (not that they were of much use)!

- Had indigestion three nights in a row with this child, first clue I was pregnant... took a test the following weekend when period didn't show up - and waalaa, a positive result! Have been on meds since Week 9 and what a difference this time (on the new drug that replaced losec... A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.)!
- No nausea AT ALL (please don't hate me Helen).
- Hungry ALL.THE.TIME like you wouldn't believe.
- Fatigue to do your head in.
- No real cravings or foods that make me gag... still don't handle coffee, but drinking tea perfectly fine (and probably more than is recommended, ooops)!

So far I have followed my Mum perfectly when it comes to pregnancy (although I don't think she got the heartburn the way I do)! So nausea means girl-baby = check! No nausea means boy-baby = will have to wait and find out... watch this space!

PS - We have even got names we agree on - it took so long to agree on a girls name for Button, that I seriously thought we'd not have a name sorted before this child is born should she be a girl! But no drama's this time... a name from my short-list last time that got instantly crossed off by Mr. C got the thumbs up this time. Weird, but true! Will be interesting to see if that is still the name we agree on when the baby is due! Boys names are easy-peasy... had a boys name sorted long before we even start talking about having a family, and both still love it! YAY!


Miriam said…
So glad the nausea is less this time. That was always the worst part for me. And having the names picked already - impressive!
Anonymous said…
Haha, I won't hate you for your lack of nausea, but I will be jealous of you. ;)

Hope the scan went well and there is only ONE bubba in there! We got quite the shock when ours revealed two, but now we are thrilled. As for your size, I was bigger during my second pregnancy than I was during my first...I think this is because your ab muscles give up straight away second time around! haha That being said you look gorgeous and so happy. I can see and feel the happiness and excitement radiating from your pics and your blog! And I'm so excited for you! Pregnancy buddies - woo!

Feel free to email me any time: especially if you DO get twins! hehe
Hi Sweetie - great to read this and know that (at this point) you are just having and All BLack!! :-)
Looking forward to the scan results
Cat said…
2nd and subsequent pregnancies are harder to hide - those stomach muscles just let loose and HELLO I'm pregnant if you didn't know
Amy said…
Hey Elizabeth,
I so get your 'hungry all the time' feeling - I ate like a horse with Munchkin. Or should I say a cow - you know, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew... Grin.
Your pregnancies are so different, it is funny! Glad that you are keeping well.
Aynsley said…
I don't think that I could cope with the nasuea and fatigue again. It is just so overwhelming. My "morning sickness" was exacerabted by one of the drugs I had to take during pregnancy and I ended up being sick every day from 8 weeks to 22 weeks. Not pleasant. It's just as well the prize at the other end is so well worth it!
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