A Little Perspective...

I have a habit of looking at life as a 'glass half empty'... I would love to be more positive; and I guess it is something I can chose to do - but currently it is not something I have done anything about (except whinge and moan about it *cringe*). My husband is a 'glass half full' kinda guy, and is generally very positive - I have been known to drive him crazy at times ;-)!

I have been doing the whole 'poor me...' thing lately, kinda. Button has had a cold, which has gone on much longer than anything she has had this year - she then is teething, and after four disturbed nights sleep, she is now waking at 5am and only giving me 1/2 hour day sleeps (stupid eye-teeth). I am exhausted, and haven't really had the time or energy to do anything.

BUT then I read another blog post which you can find here... it has totally put my life back into perspective. I have been following Kristians blog for a long time - I grew up with his wife in Te Kuiti, and we have stayed in touch (not closely, but regularly) since she moved away with her family when she was 13. 

It is a story which has touched me to my core, I have a connection with it... I have never met Kristian, but I 'know' his wife and his in-laws, and have met his eldest son Cody. You might remember Kristian yourselves - he was on Oprah when she came to visit Sydney in January of this year. And he'd caught Oprah's attention because of this little video he made for Rachel on her birthday last year... beautiful.

I can't even imagine what they must be going through; I don't want to imagine it - but I will fight. I will fight on my knee's like I have never fought before; don't get me wrong, we have been praying for them regularly - BUT THIS MEANS WAR. 

But in honour of Kris and Rach - not only will I fight for them in prayer, but I will also remind myself of all the amazing things I have in this life... I will try and remember to look 'on the bright side of life'. I have an amazing husband and a gorgeous daughter, with another child on the way; we have a roof over our heads, food on the table and enough money in the bank to pay the bills. I have everything to live for - just like Kris does, but I don't have a death sentence hanging over my head, nor does my husband. 

I believe in miracles; I will believe for Kris... but I will also believe for me. Life IS good, MY life is good. 

Kris - your legacy is forever... you have changed peoples lives through your writing and through your story. Your faith is an inspiration - your fighting spirit is something we see very rarely in this world. Keep fighting, keep strong - and on those dark days, remember there are people all over the world fighting for you on your behalf. We will hold your arms steady just as Joshua did for Moses; and we will be begging Him for healing on your behalf, on Rachel's behalf, and on behalf of your two beautiful boys. 

Life is precious.


jacksta said…
thanks for that link liz. It really does put things in perspective. That poor family. :(
Awesome response, my dear!
Amy said…
Yup, a different perspective on life does change how we view things. Praying here for Kristian too and remembering how blessed we are with every day we have on earth.
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