Too Much Information?

I was shaving my legs this morning... and I got to thinking; I wonder how many of us Mum's do this regularly these days?

I remember as a teenager teasing my Mum for not 'looking after herself', and her response was that she just 'didn't have time'! I told her it only takes a few minutes a day to moisturise and a few minutes a week to shave... I don't think she took my advice to heart somehow; but now I understand. I don't actually think it is so much a time factor though - it is more a priority factor when you have little ones.

This time there had only been a week between, but the only reason it was this close together is that I needed to wear a skirt... and despite the fact I barely touched my legs all winter - I wasn't going to go out in public in a skirt without a little priority taken to 'tidying up'! I feel better for it, and I am sure my hubby appreciated the extra effort (gosh - I even put lippy on before we headed out the door)!

So this morning (well last week actually) I went from this:

To that:

I wish!

But it got me thinking - how many of us don't make this effort anymore? I can't speak for anyone else, but I know for myself that once we got married things dwindled a little; but once Button came along things literally died. My excuse at the moment is that I am pregnant and NOTHING fits, so why make an effort... but I have had months of not being pregnant and thus no excuse.

Looking after myself doesn't just include shaving or moisturising - but also trying to make an effort with the clothes I wear, taking more pride in my home, and for me - more effort with the cooking. I know these are all things that are important to my husband... and yet I don't always bother. 

One of my 'afflictions' is laziness; it irks him no end as he is the exact opposite - driven, busy, and constantly on the go. I have to remind him to slow down and occasionally stop; we balance each other, but we both at opposite ends of the spectrum! We sometimes need to be balanced out even as a couple ;-)!

So - what am I going to do about this? I'll think about it and get back to you on this one... I'm not sure which one I want to tackle first (although with summer coming it might make my choice a little easier).

So there you have it - too much information perhaps? At least I have shaved now, and I didn't write this up with gorilla legs ;-)!


Oh well, with age sometimes comes understanding :-).......... but why shave when you are always wearing trou/jeans, and DH is not that worried?
Cat said…
As a beauty therapist I can tell you NOT ENOUGH woman look after themselves ;;''((
After YEARS of working in corporate I longed to be a 'tracksuit' Mummy but I soon tired of it and am now proudly a glam Mum - I love getting dressed up, doing my hair and makeup and I LOVE see ing the sparkle in my Mr's eyes when he sees me ::))
(she says with hairy legs in need of a wax!, however, with waxing it is only ONCE every 4-6 weeks I need to take the time ::)))
jacksta said…
I totally hear ya on this one!
Anonymous said…
Hahahaha...the other day I shaved my legs for the first time this YEAR. And it was only because it's getting too hot to wear jeans! The Husband almost collapsed of shock. Hehe
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