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Draw DELAYED... PLUS other results!

Hi folks,
For all those who have entered my draw - I am going to have to delay it :-(... I have not had time to even look at the software, let alone do anything with it or write a review; and I would really like a chance to do that before I do the draw. I will be contacting each of you personally to also apologise - but wanted to get this out there ASAP, as I have only just made that decision. I will be making it at the exactly the same time in two weeks - so Sunday 11th December 2011 at 8pm New Zealand time...
Plus for those of you who have been wondering what the scan showed (and aren't a 'friend' on Facebook)... it's all about blue (and no I am not talking about the elections today *grin*)!!!!
Asher Luke Anthony will be joining our family mid-April 2012, all going according to plan! We are THRILLED!!!!!

Gender Guess...

We are having a 20 week scan this Friday and will hopefully find out the gender of this wee child... as long as they cooperate that is ;-)!
SO - anyone like to hazard a guess?

Spontaneity At It's Best...

Yesterday we had to pop into Onehunga to pick up my wedding ring and check on the new engagement ring that had been put aside for me (long story... maybe another post for another day). The child fell asleep in the car at 10:30am (grrrrr), so Mr. C decided we could pop into Cornwell Park on the spur of the moment after the jewellers stuff had been sorted out! She slept for about 30-40 minutes before I woke her, and she was bright and chirpy after this ;-)!
Just after we arrived at the Park we were inundated with pigeons - never seen anything like it! Button LOVED it, and went around trying to touch the birds, giggling all the time; it was so much fun to watch:

And then we popped into Countdown and bought some lunch for us all, and ate it under the tree's across the road... but not before I popped into Manna Bookshop and bought a new book!
It was a fun morning for all, and one full of 'Making Memories'. I know Button is too young to remember it specifically, but hopefully she&#…

A Light and Fluffy Post...

While I may not be doing linky's anymore... I know both sets of Grandparents enjoyed the 'Loving' Posts I used to do, so I thought that once in a while I'll do something similar! So here is something light and fluffy for you all to enjoy over a cup of coffee ;-)! 
Enjoy Gran and Nana :-)!
1) Mummy's little helper:

Three of these photos are of Button 'helping' me empty the dishwasher (excuse the quality - my smartphone doesn't handle movement I have discovered)! In the top right photo she is holding two dinner plates, my poor heart was just about doing back-flips, (I think I have managed to teach her to bring me over one plate at a time, and hold them with both hands now)! Don't you love the tip-toes in the bottom middle photo ;-)!
In the two bottom end photos she is peeling an onion for me, and putting all the 'bits' into the rubbish bin... she did this completely off her own bat (I wasn't cooking dinner or anything at this time)... she asto…

What Does Your Child Do At Playcentre...???

Mine does fun things like line up animals / dinosaurs / insects in a row for hours and hours... pick them up, put them in the 'row' (albeit a rather crooked row), take them all down and start again with the next innocent bunch of 'things'!
It can keep her occupied for up to 30 minutes, and this proud Mum had to take a photo of the dinosaur line-up... I think it's cute, even if I don't understand the obsession!

Do What You Love... Dreams!

You may remember a while ago that Widge and Miriam both did posts on dreams... well, I promised myself (and them) I would do one also. At the time I needed to ponder for a while before I could write - but then I got distracted and forgot :-(. Since I have reignited my blog, I have been reminded of this time and time again; so thought I would start putting fingers on keyboard and try to at least start a post about dreams, more specifically - my dreams!

Then, as I was thinking about it all - 'The Word for Today' (November 8th 2011 entitled 'Do What You Love, Love What You Do') turned up as well! Here are some points from this that really resonated with me:

...Successful people allow their God-given passion and talent to guide them in life. They have a single focus and an undivided heart...

...Carly Fiorina said, 'Love what you do, or don't do it...Make the choice to do something because it engages your heart as well as your mind. Make the choice because it engages a…

Wordless Wednesday

The art of reading to oneself starts young:

Pregnancy Update

SO - I am now 18 weeks... can you believe it? Almost halfway through; and it has gone so fast! My sister-in-law warned me that the second pregnancy goes so much faster, but I really wasn't prepared for this :-)!
I know you're all desperate for photos, so I won't keep you any longer:

1) Me at 18 weeks pregnant with Button (22 Nov 2009) 2) Me at 18 weeks pregnant now (16 Nov 2011) 3) A better photo of me from today - unfortunately Mr.C doesn't really 'do photos' well; so these are the best of the bunch... the middle photo is of to low a quality to really try and attempt a comparison.
I think you can still see, from the two end photos; just how much weight I lost between these pregnancies... my face is still looking quite a bit slimmer in the last photo, than it was in the first photo. Because of this, I am having trouble fitting my maternity clothes this time - that t-shirt is finally looking respectable today for the first time. It has been so baggy until now, that i…

Why I Finally DID IT!

And yes I know what some of you are going to read into that title - but this is a 'family friendly' blog; honest :-)! And it all points back to thispost from a few days ago... 
I promised back then I'd explain a little as to why I finally bit the bullet and asked for help; and I also said I'd be using this blog to chronicle the journey - so here is the first installment of my 'Getting Help' Journaling!
The reasons I needed to make that call:
- I cannot sleep: I have never been a great sleeper through-out my entire life! Mum said she could count on one hand how many times I slept through the night through-out my entire pre-school years! She was getting up to me almost every single night until I started school and was just TOO tired to wake. (I SO wouldn't put up with that from Button or any other child - a couple of bad nights has got to be better than years of interrupted nights!)! 
So I am still a bad sleeper - have tried all kinds of things over the years; but…

Ta Da - the GIVE-AWAY!!!!!!!

Hi faithful followers (and all other interested parties),
I have been looking forward to writing up this post ever since I received an e-mail back on November the 9th, offering me this opportunity!
Being a 'reader of my blog' (I hope); you'll have noticed that I use photos in almost every single post, it grabs attention and the aim is to encourage people (like you) to keep reading! I am also a photo-nut; you can ask my family and friends (I had 30 albums FULL of photos before I even met my husband and before digital cameras; now I have literally thousands of photos all dated and named on my computer as well, just waiting to be put into albums - I LOVE photos)! **
So when I got an e-mail from Liz offering me two free copies of their Digital Scrapbooking Software; one to keep and review and one to offer as a give-away on my blog... I certainly wasn't going to say no! I did my homework to make sure they were legit first, and that what they were saying was ac…

Dear Anonymous

First up - let me thank each and everyone of you who have taken the time to make comments and respond to my posts lately (and previously)! I have been meaning to pop in and reply to as many of you as is possible (e.g. those whose e-mails are linked in with their comments) but to be honest - I am NOT good with this kind of thing. However, don't let it put you off; I LOVE getting comments and they are all read, reread and appreciated... so thank you VERY much! I am aware that it takes time and effort to think through and type up those comments, so get very excited when I see them turn up in my inbox - quite the buzz ;-)!

Dear Anonymous,
I seem to have fairly regular visits from you - for which I am eternally grateful... your comments are always positive and thoughtful and quite often up-lifting! I love hearing from you, and as mentioned above, have often read them over more than once :-)!
But I want to know who you are - my guess is that you are the same 'Anonymous' person each…

The Latest Aquisition

Daddy and Button went to the shops today... and Daddy couldn't say no to this:

For those of you who are just 'not in the know'; this is Dorothy the Dinosaur from 'The Wiggles'! Button is in-love with her, and I understand this is very normal!
Dorothy has been a HUGE hit, and has been taken everywhere and done everything with Button this afternoon (other than have a bath - whew)! Although in saying this, she has refused to take her to bed this evening; after having woken with her this afternoon (fell asleep in the car as the above photos show, so we transferred them both upstairs when we got home *grin*)!
But my favourite photo from this afternoon just has to be this:

Button 'reading' her toddler bible to Dorothy, too cute!

Silent Sunday...

Dad - you missed a strip... honestly, what is it with home-help these days?!

I did it...

I did it... I organised getting some help, and then I followed through with it ;-)!
I contacted my Pastor the other day and told him I needed help, 24-48 hours later he came back to me with the name of a lady he felt would be able to help me. I rang her and left a message - we played phone tag for a day or two, but finally caught up with each other last night... I went and saw her this afternoon! It all happened so quick when we finally did talk - that I had no time to opt out ;-)!
Turns out I am not as chronic as I thought I was - whew, but there are some bad habits that I have had through-out my entire life that need to be changed... we're going to start on those! The easy things first - NOT, hehehe! Might as well start with the issues that brought me in though, and not beat around the bush.
Mr. C was the one that originally pointed out that I could use some help, and suggested we get it started before the new baby arrives... He then said to me last night that I needed to blog more…

Give-Away To Come...

KEEP WATCHING I have the most A.M.A.Z.I.N.G give-away coming up next week... it just plopped into my lap; and I am SO excited to be sharing it with you all SOON.
So if you're into photos and scrap-booking (digital) - then make sure you stay watching THIS blog... totally thrilled to be able to bring this to you (can you tell I am just a LITTLE BIT excited?).
YAY :-)!


"...It’s helpful to look at what nourishes us spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically. And then to ask ourselves whether these activities are done regularly or just when we’re on empty.

Warning signs for lack of self-care are:
·        Lack of interest in things that previously you enjoyed.
·        Scrambled thinking
·        Broken sleep
·        Weepiness
·        Increased physical ailments
·        Lack of interest in intimate relationships

Setting life boundaries ensure that you can say no when you need to and have space to reflect, laugh, enjoy life and rest when you need to. Boundaries are about learning to take care of ourselves no matter what happens, where we go or who we’re with. They are not about controlling others, but about creating space and emotional safety for ourselves. What boundaries do you have in place?

How are you going with them?

What do you need to put in place as we lead up to Christmas and the busy season?"
Taken from the 'Ask Ch…

How to Encourage Your Child to Eat...

We just hit the point this week where Button decided she didn't want to eat dinner... nope, and over it went on the floor! This child has been an amazing eater, and very easy to please and feed right up until now - so I have been at a loss as to what is going on. Admittedly she is teething - but she has been teething for 5 weeks (well, ACTUALLY she has been teething almost non-stop since June, I kid you not); and she hasn't lost her appetite over it before... so I suspect this is Mummy trying to make excuses for toddler behaviour!
I have been dreading this stage, my neighbours son has just snapped out of it, and my niece is also going through it - it was kind of inevitable I guess! I just don't like the thought of her waking up during the night hungry - it twists up my insides, I LOVE my sleep and an struggling enough with the teething disturbances!
So yesterday's offering was completely discarded - roast chicken, vegies and mashed potato/kumera... so I heated up some of…
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