Dear Anonymous

First up - let me thank each and everyone of you who have taken the time to make comments and respond to my posts lately (and previously)! I have been meaning to pop in and reply to as many of you as is possible (e.g. those whose e-mails are linked in with their comments) but to be honest - I am NOT good with this kind of thing. However, don't let it put you off; I LOVE getting comments and they are all read, reread and appreciated... so thank you VERY much! I am aware that it takes time and effort to think through and type up those comments, so get very excited when I see them turn up in my inbox - quite the buzz ;-)!

Dear Anonymous,

I seem to have fairly regular visits from you - for which I am eternally grateful... your comments are always positive and thoughtful and quite often up-lifting! I love hearing from you, and as mentioned above, have often read them over more than once :-)!

But I want to know who you are - my guess is that you are the same 'Anonymous' person each time; you possibly know me in real life (due to some of the comments left) and/or you've been reading my blog for quite a while now. You're female - as most males wouldn't be interested in blogging, least of all following and reading other people's blogs regularly (or commenting). Please note I did say MOST males... I am aware there are males who do blog regularly! 

So it's time to 'fess up and show your 'real' face around here - rather than hiding! I am being real now, so please be real with me :-)! You don't have to disclose yourself on my blog - but I have a couple of e-mail addresses connected to this...  and if you do know me IRL, then you'll have my home e-mail address anyway!

So stop teasing me please, and let me know who you are (or I won't let you enter my awesome cool give-away *cheeky grin*)!

PS - And just to clear the air regarding those 'light and fluffy' posts I had been making... they were essential to keep my blog alive and readers (like you) close by while I handled the first trimester fatigue ;-)! But now that is OVER, I can start to dig deeper again! However, expect a few more weeks/months of these after the new baby arrives ;-)!!!!!


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