I did it...

I did it... I organised getting some help, and then I followed through with it ;-)!

I contacted my Pastor the other day and told him I needed help, 24-48 hours later he came back to me with the name of a lady he felt would be able to help me. I rang her and left a message - we played phone tag for a day or two, but finally caught up with each other last night... I went and saw her this afternoon! It all happened so quick when we finally did talk - that I had no time to opt out ;-)!

Turns out I am not as chronic as I thought I was - whew, but there are some bad habits that I have had through-out my entire life that need to be changed... we're going to start on those! The easy things first - NOT, hehehe! Might as well start with the issues that brought me in though, and not beat around the bush.

Mr. C was the one that originally pointed out that I could use some help, and suggested we get it started before the new baby arrives... He then said to me last night that I needed to blog more; yep - he actually said that! I was told not to try and be someone else, or write what I think other people want to read; but be honest, and write my way!

So I am going to - I am going to journal/chronicle this time... I won't go into depth about things; don't think it is appropriate, but I want to be honest and acknowledge where I am struggling and what I am doing about it. Might help somebody else, or it might just keep me more accountable - but either way, it's me being real!

I have had so much more inspiration since I wrote up that post and started being more real; it's like my 'mojo' has come back... so excited! And since then I have had two opportunities come my way which I have never had before! One of them I will be sharing with you all next week, and one which I am waiting to find out further information on - but am very excited about the potential this has as well... and the exposure both of these opportunities this could give to my blog!

Still basking in these words:
I was just reading through your blog... and was impressed with the quality of the content you are producing.

Ahhh - how bloggers (well - writers anywhere really) love to hear those words!

*Happy Sigh*... I need to head to bed now, but will pop in again soon and share a little about what has been going on!


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