I did it...

I did it... I organised getting some help, and then I followed through with it ;-)!

I contacted my Pastor the other day and told him I needed help, 24-48 hours later he came back to me with the name of a lady he felt would be able to help me. I rang her and left a message - we played phone tag for a day or two, but finally caught up with each other last night... I went and saw her this afternoon! It all happened so quick when we finally did talk - that I had no time to opt out ;-)!

Turns out I am not as chronic as I thought I was - whew, but there are some bad habits that I have had through-out my entire life that need to be changed... we're going to start on those! The easy things first - NOT, hehehe! Might as well start with the issues that brought me in though, and not beat around the bush.

Mr. C was the one that originally pointed out that I could use some help, and suggested we get it started before the new baby arrives... He then said to me last night that I needed to blog more; yep - he actually said that! I was told not to try and be someone else, or write what I think other people want to read; but be honest, and write my way!

So I am going to - I am going to journal/chronicle this time... I won't go into depth about things; don't think it is appropriate, but I want to be honest and acknowledge where I am struggling and what I am doing about it. Might help somebody else, or it might just keep me more accountable - but either way, it's me being real!

I have had so much more inspiration since I wrote up that post and started being more real; it's like my 'mojo' has come back... so excited! And since then I have had two opportunities come my way which I have never had before! One of them I will be sharing with you all next week, and one which I am waiting to find out further information on - but am very excited about the potential this has as well... and the exposure both of these opportunities this could give to my blog!

Still basking in these words:
I was just reading through your blog... and was impressed with the quality of the content you are producing.

Ahhh - how bloggers (well - writers anywhere really) love to hear those words!

*Happy Sigh*... I need to head to bed now, but will pop in again soon and share a little about what has been going on!


Anonymous said…
Hey there Elizabeth, I meant to leave you a note last week to say how I have enjoyed your blog way more the last few weeks. Seriously, surely we all get a bit bored of the light fluffy loving posts etc. They are probably much easier and quicker to write but the more reflective posts are soooo much more interesting. Keep it up! :)
Wow that is all great news. So glad things are coming together for you!!
Cat said…
Proud of you - asking for help is the hardest thing to do xxx
I have had to do the same this week xxx
Look after you
Amy said…
Well done, I hope it is really beneficial (which it sounds like it will be) and a great idea by Mr C to get someone to talk with now...nice to have support networks in place before bubs comes.
May you have many more 'happy sighs' this coming week! Love Amy
Miriam said…
Great honest post. It's all about our dedication to the journey - to putting one foot in front of the other. Go gir!
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