The Latest Aquisition

Daddy and Button went to the shops today... and Daddy couldn't say no to this:

For those of you who are just 'not in the know'; this is Dorothy the Dinosaur from 'The Wiggles'! Button is in-love with her, and I understand this is very normal!

Dorothy has been a HUGE hit, and has been taken everywhere and done everything with Button this afternoon (other than have a bath - whew)! Although in saying this, she has refused to take her to bed this evening; after having woken with her this afternoon (fell asleep in the car as the above photos show, so we transferred them both upstairs when we got home *grin*)!

But my favourite photo from this afternoon just has to be this:

Button 'reading' her toddler bible to Dorothy, too cute!


Cat said…
very cute!
Tsunami does this too - lines up her babies and reads to them
That's so cute!
(I'm just a teensy bit jealous you can transfer Button from the car to bed asleep!)
Oh how gorgeous!! Love it ;-))
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