A Light and Fluffy Post...

While I may not be doing linky's anymore... I know both sets of Grandparents enjoyed the 'Loving' Posts I used to do, so I thought that once in a while I'll do something similar! So here is something light and fluffy for you all to enjoy over a cup of coffee ;-)! 

Enjoy Gran and Nana :-)!

1) Mummy's little helper:

Three of these photos are of Button 'helping' me empty the dishwasher (excuse the quality - my smartphone doesn't handle movement I have discovered)! In the top right photo she is holding two dinner plates, my poor heart was just about doing back-flips, (I think I have managed to teach her to bring me over one plate at a time, and hold them with both hands now)! Don't you love the tip-toes in the bottom middle photo ;-)!

In the two bottom end photos she is peeling an onion for me, and putting all the 'bits' into the rubbish bin... she did this completely off her own bat (I wasn't cooking dinner or anything at this time)... she astounds me everyday with just how much she is taking in and understanding! She really does have the rubbish bin sussed ;-)!

2) Sunday Mornings!

Mr. C and I have a deal going on until Baby 2 arrives... he gets to sleep in on a Saturday morning while I take Button downstairs, and I get Sunday mornings. Neither of us have ever really used the time to 'sleep'; but it gives us a much slower start to our days and the ability to do something without a small child interrupting constantly! We figure once Baby 2 arrives it'll be a LONG time before we get these opportunities again - so making the most of it this morning!

3) Steering Wheels:

Button is LOVING cars / trucks / planes - basically anything with a steering wheel that is supposed to move at the moment. I am not sure if it is 'just a phase', or she has been influenced by the boys next door... either way it is all good when travelling, as we can point out all the trucks (which prove a GREAT distraction)! In the photos above:
1) In the 'Little Yellow Digger' at Whitcoulls
2) Playcentre 'Bus' (with two steering wheels to try and avoid fights)!
3) In 'The Wiggles' car at Pak Plaza.

4) A Walk In The Park:

Last Friday I had a horrible morning at Playcentre with Button, but just after she'd woken from her sleep there was a knock on our door! Mr. C had been sent home early due to extra hours he'd been putting in that week... he didn't tell me, as he'd wanted to surprise me; so cool! He then proceeded to pack us up and took me and Button out for a couple of hours to the Botanical Gardens! It was a LOVELY day, and a fantastic ending - we all had heaps of fun, and promised ourselves we'll have to do it more often!

5) Family:

Mr. C's parents were up last weekend, so Button and I got to spend the morning with them on Tuesday and of course this meant cuddles and catch up's with the newest member of the family; there 6 weeks old! SO cute! You can see the doting Grandparents in the top photos holding our wee Sleeping Beauty!

6) Rabbits:

Pixel is a hunter... only started when we moved out here, but it is now a very ingrained (albeit FRUSTRATING) aspect of having a cat! Currently she is all about Baby Rabbits - most of the time they arrive half-mutilated already, but this one seemed to have a little more spunk, and when Mr. C finally found it the following morning - it was still very much alive! He thought Button would love the opportunity to pat it before we got rid of it... I LOVE the expression on her face in the bottom photo (rabbit had just kicked out at her when she touched it)!

7) The Hazy Days of Playcentre:

One little Poppet LOVING Playcentre...

8) A Little Shopaholic On Our Hands:

Hopefully she has not yet worked out how to to use Mummy's credit card (she does know that the wallet is magic though *cringe*)!!!!!

9) Birthday Parties:

We have had two 2 year old birthday parties in two weeks... good thing we love birthdays! So much fun, and I think our little Button will be the next one ;-)! Growing up SO fast!

Well there you go, I think the 'Light and Fluffys' are all over now... hope you enjoyed it :-)!


Cat said…
Light and Fluffies are nice ::)) we need to (well I need to) look for the good
lovely post
Love the light and fluffys - seems so long since we saw Button :-(.
She is really loving playcentre now and seems so confident there.
Love the baby rabbit pics ;-)
Amy said…
Haha, Munchkin is also obsessed with trucks...and that is how we kept him awake when we came and visited, by pointing out every truck on the motorway!
I do love the rabbit kicking photo - you have captured the moment so nicely.
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