Pregnancy Update

SO - I am now 18 weeks... can you believe it? Almost halfway through; and it has gone so fast! My sister-in-law warned me that the second pregnancy goes so much faster, but I really wasn't prepared for this :-)!

I know you're all desperate for photos, so I won't keep you any longer:

1) Me at 18 weeks pregnant with Button (22 Nov 2009)
2) Me at 18 weeks pregnant now (16 Nov 2011)
3) A better photo of me from today - unfortunately Mr.C doesn't really 'do photos' well; so these are the best of the bunch... the middle photo is of to low a quality to really try and attempt a comparison.

I think you can still see, from the two end photos; just how much weight I lost between these pregnancies... my face is still looking quite a bit slimmer in the last photo, than it was in the first photo. Because of this, I am having trouble fitting my maternity clothes this time - that t-shirt is finally looking respectable today for the first time. It has been so baggy until now, that it just looked like I was pretending to be pregnant *grin*, I can only hope that I manage to get it off and keep it off again this time around... dreams are free ;-)!

Well I hope that will suffice for now :-)!


Lisa Long said…
You are looking great!! It does go by sooo fast once you already have a child to run around after :)
Nice to see you 'blooming' :-)
Amy said…
I am REALLY looking forward to meeting the little tyke when he/she arrives!
Anonymous said…
The second (or third) pregnancy does zoom by at the speed of light...I'm 22 weeks now, can hardly believe where the time has gone! You are looking gorgeous!
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