Pregnancy Update

SO - I am now 18 weeks... can you believe it? Almost halfway through; and it has gone so fast! My sister-in-law warned me that the second pregnancy goes so much faster, but I really wasn't prepared for this :-)!

I know you're all desperate for photos, so I won't keep you any longer:

1) Me at 18 weeks pregnant with Button (22 Nov 2009)
2) Me at 18 weeks pregnant now (16 Nov 2011)
3) A better photo of me from today - unfortunately Mr.C doesn't really 'do photos' well; so these are the best of the bunch... the middle photo is of to low a quality to really try and attempt a comparison.

I think you can still see, from the two end photos; just how much weight I lost between these pregnancies... my face is still looking quite a bit slimmer in the last photo, than it was in the first photo. Because of this, I am having trouble fitting my maternity clothes this time - that t-shirt is finally looking respectable today for the first time. It has been so baggy until now, that it just looked like I was pretending to be pregnant *grin*, I can only hope that I manage to get it off and keep it off again this time around... dreams are free ;-)!

Well I hope that will suffice for now :-)!


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