Spontaneity At It's Best...

Yesterday we had to pop into Onehunga to pick up my wedding ring and check on the new engagement ring that had been put aside for me (long story... maybe another post for another day). The child fell asleep in the car at 10:30am (grrrrr), so Mr. C decided we could pop into Cornwell Park on the spur of the moment after the jewellers stuff had been sorted out! She slept for about 30-40 minutes before I woke her, and she was bright and chirpy after this ;-)!

Just after we arrived at the Park we were inundated with pigeons - never seen anything like it! Button LOVED it, and went around trying to touch the birds, giggling all the time; it was so much fun to watch:

And then we popped into Countdown and bought some lunch for us all, and ate it under the tree's across the road... but not before I popped into Manna Bookshop and bought a new book!

It was a fun morning for all, and one full of 'Making Memories'. I know Button is too young to remember it specifically, but hopefully she'll remember the 'fun' she had! Waking up at the park, a spontaneous decision that left us all with warm, fuzzy feelings; and looking forward to the summer holidays when we have more time to do these kinds of things together as a family!  


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