Going AWOL...

Until the New Year...

We are heading away for a few days over the Christmas / New Year period, and I doubt I'll have time (or motivation/inspiration) to blog between now and leaving. The first few days will be with internet access, but I am not planning on being online much; the last few days will have no phone or internet access (except mobile)... So I am taking a break, having a rest and rejuvenating myself! I may have time to write up a post or two, and just not load it until we're home - but we'll see :-)! 

Looking forward to arriving back and sharing our Christmas with you all...

But until then:


May your family know peace and joy at this time, May your home be filled with love and laughter,
May your children not bicker or squabble,
And may you have happy memories ever after.

Remember - Jesus is the reason for the season.

See you anon!

PS - Thank you... thank you for following my ramblings this year; it has been fun / tiresome / boring / inspirational and everything else rolled into one! And I love that I can share it all with you :-)!


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