Replacement... good, bad or just plain wrong?

At the beginning of September I lost my engagement ring... it is one of those odd stories really! 

Since I had Button, I lost an extra 10kilo's of weight from pre-pregnancy days - this meant all my rings were super lose; and I was well aware of this as it felt like I was losing them daily! I lost a cheap family ring earlier in the year (down a drain pipe)... but had managed to hold onto the more important rings until then. But one morning I was throwing bread out to the birds - and, as usual, the neighbours dog bounded over and gobbled it all up before it had even left my hand ;-)! A few moments later I went to play with my ring... it was gone :-(! My Mum was up visiting, so we spent ages on our hands and knees searching for it - but there has been no sign of it since. We think the dog may have eaten it up as he gobbled up the bread; and I wasn't going to chase him around with a pooper scooper for days.

A few weeks later I rang the insurance company and lodged it... and we started the fun stage of trying to find another ring that I liked, and that went with my wedding ring (they had been a set). I found nothing for ages - we searched Botany, Sylvia Park and Pak Plaza; but nothing stuck out within the price range we were given. 

Then Mr.C came up with trying Onehunga Jewelers and we never looked back - their service is impeccable, their patience was phenomenal; and they just keep trying until they found something I liked! My parents very sweetly sent me up my Grandmothers wedding and engagement ring and suggested we used the gold from these to have my ring redesigned and made as similiar as possible to my previous one; but in the end this just wasn't a viable option.

Eventually we found a single solitaire that I liked, then with my Grandma's diamonds included down the sides of it - it looked enough like my old one to 'feel comfortable', but different enough to remind me it isn't the original... and with Grandma's diamonds in it, it beings back a certain amount of sentiment as well.

So here is the finished product:

Man - these photos make my hands look old and wrinkly!

Then just to top it off, they turned my Grandma's wedding ring into a signet ring for me; using a hand-engraved cuff-link that my parents had also sent up, and welding that onto the top of the wedding ring. I LOVE it, it is one-of-a-kind, and it means I have 'my family' ring back also:

I highly recommend Onehunga Jewelers - we got the best service I have ever had, and yet I was highly impressed with the service we received at most Jewelers this time around! But Onehunga stood out above the rest... If you ever need new or replacement jewelry, pop in there first; you won't be disappointed (and tell them I said hello)!

PS - Onehunga Jewelers have no idea I blog; let alone have written about them... this is not a advertisement, nor is it a sponsored post.

What would you have done? Tried to replace it as close to the original like I did? Replaced it with a completely different ring? Took the money (we looked into this, but it wasn't a realistic option for us, as they would have only given us 50% cash back, and then then off the excess off from this again - total rip-off)? Not bothered even claiming it? I was in two minds due to the sentiment attached to the ring - I knew I'd never get that back... but I am now glad we chose to follow through.


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