Review - My Memories Digital Scrap-Booking Software

I have discovered I am fairly useless on the computer without specific instructions...

So this review is going to suck - not because I think the software is bad, but because I never worked out how to use it properly. I can't even show you what I did manage to do either; as I have not worked out how to convert my two pages into a .jpeg in order to upload it here (although I know it can be done)!

GRRRRR - but having already put the review off for two weeks in order to try and spend more time on it, and thus putting the draw off as well; I don't feel like I can do it again (as the chances are, it will then never happen).

So this review is to let you know - the main reason there is no real review or beautiful pictures is partly because it is 'The Silly Season' and I really have been busier than usual and not had the time to put into this; and partly to admit (once more) that I am lazy and if something 'feels' to hard, then it gets put into the 'Too Hard Basket' and left there until to late to remedy it.

I have never used software like this before, and really don't know where to begin - however, I can send you through to two reviews that Mum shared with me, from Blogs that she follows! Both of these ladies have done a magnificent job, and talk about how quick and easy this software is to use and convert - so don't let me put you off at all.

So go check out:


And - I promise I will try again once the busyness has passed, to give this another go (in fact, if I go back and reread those reviews again myself, they may give me some idea on how to use this software *grin*). If I can convince Mr. C to show me how to convert my two pages over to a .jpeg, then I will also show you what I did manage to do!

If you're not sure what on earth I am going on about, then please pop into My Original Give-Away Post to find out more, and put your name down for the draw to be held at 8pm TONIGHT (New Zealand time)... and you can enter right up until 7:55pm!

THIS IS STILL GOING AHEAD... but don't forget, that even if you don't win; you can still get discounts off the software through my blog!

So QUICK - go check it out and make sure you enter!


The more I see this the more I like it - Deborah at the Lily Pond did another review of the software and made cards with it - amazing. Does this comment count as another entry :-)??

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