A Weekend with the Grandies...

I know this is a bit late - but it has been beyond chaotic here, and I just haven't had the time to spend on posts lately; I have got six lined up to try and complete this week at some stage!

The first weekend in December saw my parents come up and visit us... My Dad is not well, and we don't have him traveling up and staying as often as we'd like to; so it was lovely to have him and Mum up for four days together!

Button is at the age now where she is starting to understand relationships, and the importance of some of them! They arrived while we were still at Playcentre on the Friday - so I had asked them to stay quiet as the chances were Button would be asleep when I got home. But as luck would have it; for only the second time in 4 months she was still awake when we arrived, much to my parents delight!

Being so tired, she was a little stand-offish with them initially, but was starting to warm up by the time I popped her down to bed... then after a lovely long sleep, they had a wonderful Friday afternoon with her. She doted on their attention and totally played up to them; same thing on the Saturday morning! Unfortunately she'd just had her booster shot for the measles vaccination earlier that week, and the rest of the weekend was a grumpy bum, and rather clingy :-(. 

However, Saturday provided us with a couple of highlights:

Please excuse the quality of the photos, our digital camera seems to have died altogether now, and I am using my phone... but it just doesn't have the capabilities to take good quality photos inside :-(.

She sat Pop down and brought him over book after book, Dad's eyesight is unfortunately bad enough now he can't even drive during the day anymore - yet he managed to keep her entertained for a LONG time! I am not sure how he did it, as the illustrations in this particular book, while bright, are quite small! But whatever he did - it proved a big hit with Button; I LOVE the middle left picture where Button is clapping her hands and Dad is looking on grinning. Gran joined in eventually!

Then later that morning we all went down to the shops together, and Button had a ball:

Love the top photos - what else does a toddler want... just lift me up and swing me please! These days she loves her stroller (was very against it for a while), but only because she likes pushing it herself! And water (bottom right with Daddy) is always a hit... here she was making Mr.C dip his hand into the fountain and put water up within her reach so she could splash him! She is quite bossy is my daughter, and knows her own mind - and despite the lack of understandable english within her vocabulary still, she certainly makes herself very clear *grin*!!!!

Loving the visits from family, and loving this age - she is so much fun!

Looking forward to Christmas :-)!


WE both loved the weekend and this post.
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