Where for art thou Christmas Spirit?

Where do Christmas Spirits go?
Can they find their way home?
(Sung to the tune of 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go'... fortunately I can't remember any other words to try and make my version longer)!!!!!

This Dear Friends, is the extent of the Christmas Spirit in our home this year... the dear darling husband of mine decided it wasn't worth investing in a tree when we are going away for Christmas this year! It will be the LAST year he'll ever get away with it again - as Button will be far to aware of it the next time we travel, whew; I need all the trappings!

I had thought I would find this year more exciting as Button is at the age now where she understands presents a little more, and is happy to rip off the paper (when she can) and 'enjoy the moment'! I am certainly looking forward to Christmas Day itself, but the build-up has been busy and stressful.

Only 4.5 more presents for me to purchase and I am done (hubby has yet to get my present as well - but then he'll be done also)!

Looking forward to just 'getting there' and then relaxing for three weeks as a family...


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