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It's The Little Things...

I have been mulling over the whole New Year thing (I can't help myself... I am a journaller, and all journallers will tell you that fresh starts and new beginnings are important and essential, and all about being introspective - albeit briefly)! I am not into resolutions - haven't been for a while, as all I end up doing is disappointing myself; again, and again and again ! I know better than that... I do (honest) !  Although - I still can't help but go on a journey and look back over the past 12 months, in order to look forward and encourage myself that I can do better. So these past few years I have tried to do, what I have decided to call, a focus... I focus on something / some area, generally something that I see as a weakness in me; in order to improve, change, manipulate - whatever is required to make it suit me, my family and our lifestyle more. I say manipulate, because not everything I focus on is negative or literally needs to be changed; rather it needs t


I have been asked to host a linky this coming year, through  Kiwi Mummy Blogs ... for those who don't know what this means, it just means that every time I write up what has been my 'Bullet Point Sunday' (which will now change to Sunday Snippets), I add what is called a 'linky' at the bottom of the post; and anyone else who does a post like this can add a link from my post to their post. If you're a friend IRL (in REAL life), and don't understand blog-jargon, you'll start to 'get the picture' once things get underway, and you can see links to other posts coming up at the end!  I am not expecting there to be a big rush and a whole lot of links to begin with, but hopefully as the word gets out - people will start to remember, and head over; popping in and linking up! I'm quite excited by this, but also a bit nervous at the commitment this will require - organisation is not a strong point for me, but hopefully things will slip into a good r

Bullet Point Sunday 13 = 29th December 2012

LAST ONE FOR 2012... And - yes, I know it's Monday (again); but there is a genuine reason! I was tired... surprised!?! Had another family Christmas yesterday, my side this time - we hosted, we were exhausted by the end (it was fun though) ! So after having been burning the candle at both ends since pre-Christmas; last night we both crashed, early (ish) ! So - the week that was: Christmas Eve was spent baking and sorting all the final things that needed to be done pre-Christmas; and that evening was spent watching TV, finishing wrapping the Santa Sacks: Then hubby and I iced... and iced... and iced; combined with a glass or two of wine! I did the green (it was meant to be dark green, you know - more Christmasy) and he did the 'red' (ummm, pink) ! Yeah - think I need to work on my coloured icing skills a little more! Not really what we had planned... but nevertheless, it had to be done! Christmas Day - you can see/read all about that  here

Christmas Day Montages...

Here are some photo montages of Christmas Day our style! It started with a few tears... Mummy - seriously, how LONG do we have to wait!?! Nope - tears weren't for that really, both are still too young to worry about that yet, whew; but it made for a cool caption *grin*!!!! Then it turned into Santa Sack Mayhem: Followed by breakfast and a sleep for the little one... then the BIG presents (remembering Button had her bike already): Then I managed to get some photos of the kids in their Christmas outfits... none were perfect, but they're pretty cute nonetheless! We then went and joined hubby's family for lunch, and the kids got to spend the afternoon with cousins: When it was present opening time, 'lil M was asleep; so he missed out on all the chaos (which was probably good, as I don't think he would have handled the noise well). So here are some photos of my gorgeous girl as she opened her gifts: Finally - so

Bullet Point Sunday 12 = 23rd December 2012

I could start this post by saying this is a scheduled post, and I scheduled it for a day later in order to say: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU WHO READS MY LITTLE BLOG  (as close to Christmas Day as I could make it) :-)! But that would be lying... I just plain forgot that yesterday was Sunday; doh! I am seriously in Christmas mode, and right now should be icing the hundreds of cookies I made last night and this morning . Currently in my little mind - tomorrow is Sunday, because tomorrow is Christmas... somethings not computing! Yep, seriously - hundreds! Yay for small cookie cutters, not! But I am exhausted, and decided I NEEDED some time out from all this Christmas-guff! PLUS, it's been two weeks... I have never missed it more than once since I started; so two weeks is not a good look! So here is a brief and very photo-heavy look into the past two weeks (and I hope the kids stay asleep long enough for me to finish and post this)! Ther
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