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Decluttering Into The New Year...

So finally - a (kinda) New Year post... actually, I am cheating and combining two posts into one here. I seem to be losing time every day; just don't know where it is going - and with Playcentre starting up again tomorrow, it'll start getting even busier! So - two posts into one it is :-)! I don't really do 'resolutions' as such, but I do think the New Year is a good time to slow down and reflect on the past 12 months, and take a look at what did and didn't work. From this it is easy to decide what you might like to focus on for the coming year, what changes you want to make. So for me this year - I decided I need to start decluttering... This started to stand out over Christmas; we stayed with my parents for four days, and they are both 'hoarders' (for lack of a better word) and have piles everywhere - don't get me wrong, their house is CLEAN, just piles of 'stuff' everywhere. I have also always lived like this; but I guess now with

DD3 = 15-24 January 2012

I know it's been over a week - but if you read my previous post, you'll understand why! It is getting a little frustrating, as I have all these other blog posts I want to write as well - but it feels like I only have time for these ones currently... Hopefully, now things are on the mend though (namely, me); I will have the time to fill these empty spaces here with more interesting thoughts! I have written the idea's down so I don't forget them (including a run-down of Christmas and our holiday and a New Year post... so FAR behind; not a good start to the New Year)!  January 15th: Last day of holidays for hubby... he spent the afternoon mowing lawns and with Button! He loves pushing her to her physical limits and seeing how well she does - she lasted SO long up on the monkey bars before dropping down (at a guess, about 20 secs). Loved the expression I caught on her face in this photo! January 16th: We have a spaghetti-mad child - she will liter

A Little on the Quiet Side...

Things have been a little on the quiet side here... Hubby managed to come home with a tummy bug two days after starting back at work, which he very 'sweetly' shared with me. Thankfully it wasn't a severe one, and Button was spared this time! But I then came down with an infection the day after and have been in a lot of pain since... severe pain, nasty pain, not-like-at-all-pain :-(. So all-in-all, it has been a rough week, and things like my poor blog get missed in the pain-filled hazy days and nights. However, I have been faithfully taking photos everyday, and have got some good ones to share with you all once I am back on board (which shouldn't be to far off into the future). PS - I am also (just SLIGHTLY) addicted to Australian X-Factor... which may or may not be contributing to the lack of blog posts also. Just saying!

DD2 = 10-14 January 2012

So - here I am again... I have, once again, managed to take a minimum of one photo per day! Some days there have been a glut of photos to choose from; some days there was only one picture that stood out! It is fun to decide though - and I LOVE the lack of limits I have given myself; as on one day I just couldn't decide and you have loads to look at, but the last three days there has only been one photo per day that has inspired and delighted me (despite the fact I took many more)!  I am REALLY enjoying this... January 10th: The only photos I took today - my baby girl is EATING once again! Yay! It was so exciting to see her show hunger, and really start to enjoy her food once more... by Thursday (12th) she was totally back to normal, and we are so grateful! This was the beginning of the end; whew! January 11th: This morning Mr.C, who had just been outside for something, raced back in and called us to follow him - and there in the carport were these two H

What's In A Name... *EDITED*

Naturally - being 26 weeks pregnant... names are on my mind! For those who have been following me long enough, or know me IRL, know we have the name sorted for the new edition to join us in April; but that doesn't stop me thinking! What's in a name...??? I have been wrestling with a nickname for our wee boy when he arrives; we have always referred him Asher the Basher, he is seriously one active kiddo! But I wondered if maybe that was 'putting' something on him? My nephew was referred to as Munchkin ALL the way through my sis-in-law's pregnancy, as she ate more than she's ever eaten in her life while she was pregnant. He is still called Munchkin, and he is a GOOD eater... So I just kinda wondered - does this mean that if I referred to Asher as just plain 'Basher' on here; is this going to follow him for life?  So I asked Hubby - he thinks I way over-think things, and this question was no exception! His comment was 'He is who he is going to b

Two Cool Kids

On our way home from our family holiday, we popped in and spent some time with hubby's cousin and her family... the funny thing is, I knew his cousin for years before I ever met him!  Hubby and Jackie are close, so it's cool that I have known her so long - it makes it fun to pop in and see her and her family, rather than 'just another family visit'! Actually I am pretty blessed; Mr.C's family have taken me in as one of their own, and it IS fun catching up with them  (and I don't just have to say that, hehehe) ... he has quite a close extended family, which is really lovely! Anyway - the point is Jackie has two sons, the eldest being 9 and the younger one almost 7 (wow, they have grown up very quickly)! They are very cool kids, and we have always found them to be a lot of fun to have around. But the younger boy just blew me away on this visit... The family are animal mad - they have a dog, cats, rabbits, mice, a 'pet' rat (urgghhh) and quite

DD - Week 1 (well - first 9 days)!

It has been a rough week... well nine days really! So while I have been taking photos, not all of them have been 'Delightful', and up until now there has been no post forthcoming and no time to spare! I am hoping that with more time I will be able to do a more thorough job - but this week it'll just be a quick peek at the photos, followed by a quick explanation. Maybe a letter will be edited in later on as well... but not tonight! January 1st: My camera batteries died, so I only got three photos of the whole day :-(! We were on our family holiday in Tauranga still, and used this last day as a 'visiting family' day... here you'll see Button with her cousin Munchkin; and Button on her own. The only other photo I took was a blurry one of Munchkin on his own :-(. January 2nd: We packed up and headed home today... but on the way stopped in and caught up with one of Mr.C's cousins and her family. This is (one day) going to be a po
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