DD - Week 1 (well - first 9 days)!

It has been a rough week... well nine days really! So while I have been taking photos, not all of them have been 'Delightful', and up until now there has been no post forthcoming and no time to spare!

I am hoping that with more time I will be able to do a more thorough job - but this week it'll just be a quick peek at the photos, followed by a quick explanation. Maybe a letter will be edited in later on as well... but not tonight!

January 1st:

My camera batteries died, so I only got three photos of the whole day :-(!

We were on our family holiday in Tauranga still, and used this last day as a 'visiting family' day... here you'll see Button with her cousin Munchkin; and Button on her own. The only other photo I took was a blurry one of Munchkin on his own :-(.

January 2nd:

We packed up and headed home today... but on the way stopped in and caught up with one of Mr.C's cousins and her family. This is (one day) going to be a post by itself!

Top Left: Button amusing herself while we packed and cleaned!
Top Right: Button petting Dillon's pet mice!
Bottom Left: Button petting Jaden's pet rat!
Bottom Right: Daddy and Button (Button on the tiger beanbag she inherited that day)!

Turns out Button was coming down with a 24 hour tummy bug that day :-(.

January 3rd:

1) Me 25.5 weeks pregnant with Asher the Basher!
2) The first smiles of the day, Button did not start to brighten up until late afternoon due to the aforementioned tummy bug.

January 4th:

1) The first sunset photos taken with my new camera! LOVING IT!
2) Button exploring the contents of a Christmas Cracker we were given... only day in the past week or more where she has been well.

January 5th:

1) Button with a close friends daughter... they live in Napier and we don't see them often! 

Button started to struggle with a throat infection today - fevers, lethargic, grizzly, not eating or drinking much, sleeping heaps more (the extra sleep was an unforeseen delight though *grin*)!

2) The second sunset taken with my new camera - can't decide which photo I like best!

January 6th:

Today consisted of a quick trip around the Botanical Gardens to get Button out of the house - it is the only time she is not constantly grizzly. We tried getting her into the Doctor's, but couldn't get through...
The bottom two left hand photos show her 'sleeping' with the cat, and having some 'water play' (which lasted approx. 5 minutes)!

January 7th:

1) A morning nap with Daddy... would have been totally delightful if she wasn't so sick!
2) A brief visit to the shops in the afternoon, still no smiles - but at least a distraction!

January 8th:

Second visit in two days to Eastcare Accident and Medical... this time we were worried about dehydration due to on-going fevers and lack of drinking/eating, I doubt Button had managed to drink more than 400mls all day that day.

The only delight in this day is that we have free healthcare for Under 6 Year Olds 24 hours a day in our area... only a 20 minute drive away! And the Doctor and Nurse who dealt with us were fantastic - totally took our concerns seriously and monitored Button for 1.5 hours, before giving us the option of taking her home (on the proviso we'd be back if there were ANY concerns at all), or sending us to hospital for dehydration. In the end we chose to come home as we felt that hospital would be even more traumatic for her...

January 9th:

Finally - here we are at today. 
Top Right: A trip down to the shops again... Button finally showing some real enthusiasm and energy (we managed to get some fluid and food into her today, and the fevers have gone due to the antibiotics... hopefully the beginning of the end is in sight). She LOVES animals, and had a ball!

Bottom Right: Sharing some chippies with Daddy... she is SO generous, and will share anything and everything, no matter how much she loves it!

Left: Today she had an allergic reaction to the first antibiotics she was put on... this photo doesn't come out clear here (the original is quite clear), but her trunk / back and face are covered in a nasty little rash! So it was another trip to the Doctors and another course of antibiotics - this is not delightful in anyway, but it's documenting our horrid introduction to 2012!

It's got to get better - right?!?


Not only get better, but I am sure you will be a stronger family through it all. So poor wee Asher is 'Asher the basher' now :-(. I well remember the feeling though :-).

Love your sunset photos!!

Cat said…
love this photo recollection of your week and a bit xxx
giggled at asher the basher LOL
Amy said…
I really like your first sunset photo!
So sorry you've had such a horrid week. Hopefully Button will bounce back now that she's starting to feel better. The Christmas cracker looked like it was fun!
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