DD3 = 15-24 January 2012

I know it's been over a week - but if you read my previous post, you'll understand why! It is getting a little frustrating, as I have all these other blog posts I want to write as well - but it feels like I only have time for these ones currently... Hopefully, now things are on the mend though (namely, me); I will have the time to fill these empty spaces here with more interesting thoughts! I have written the idea's down so I don't forget them (including a run-down of Christmas and our holiday and a New Year post... so FAR behind; not a good start to the New Year)! 

January 15th:

Last day of holidays for hubby... he spent the afternoon mowing lawns and with Button! He loves pushing her to her physical limits and seeing how well she does - she lasted SO long up on the monkey bars before dropping down (at a guess, about 20 secs). Loved the expression I caught on her face in this photo!

January 16th:

We have a spaghetti-mad child - she will literally eat it all day long if we allowed it! She goes over to the pantry, knocks on the door and starts yelling 'Segetti'... took me a while to work out what she was meaning the first time! That grin above says it all really :-)!

January 17th:

Button was a busy little beaver this morning... while I ate breakfast, she brought a puzzle over to the table and sat there quietly until she had 7 out of 8 pieces fitted completely on her own! I verbally encouraged her of course - but she did all the hard work; was SO proud!

January 18th:

That morning she'd become all maternal with 'Ruby', and was dressing her, cuddling her and just generally being very cute. 

Hubby came home with a tummy bug the night before, thankfully it wasn't a serious one and despite feeling lousy all night - he headed off to work the next day (said he'd rather infect his workmates and not us - but shhhh, don't tell anyone)! Button and I had spent the previous two days at home catching up on housework and all the little things that are forgotten when in holiday-mode... so that morning I decided we needed to get out of the house. Had meant to go visiting, but with a bug on the rampage I decided a walk at the local Botanical Gardens was probably safer... so I let Button set the pace and mostly choose where we went. In the right hand photo, this was her second or third wander down that path to see the ducks; I did chose to 'move her own' after this though!

January 19th:

And it was a good move - the garden walk that is, as the next day I came down with it also... like I said, not a bad bug - but enough to feel miserable! Thankfully hubby came home early that afternoon to help out - anyway, I digress!

I put us under 'quarantine' so we didn't pass it onto the neighbours - but you can see in the top photos, that Button still had fun that day *grin*! Where there is a will, there is a way with these two... love it!

The bottom photos show her new play area set up with her new Christmas Kitchen... my in-laws arrived up that afternoon and braved the sickies to drop this in for us, and spend a little bit of time with Button! It was lovely to see them, but by the time I had rearranged and tidied up - it looks like we could set up our very own Daycare, Button sure got spoiled this Christmas!!!!!

January 20th:

The top photo shows Pixel being supervised while trying to eat her dinner *grin*! It happens almost every night... unfortunately the quality of this set of photos wasn't very good - I think I was standing to close, and not giving the camera time to self-focus properly.

Bottom photo (I was starting to feel much better by now, so we opened the doors up again) shows how true my words are... a Daycare in my house! Above is our neighbours eldest son and his cousin (visiting from Canada); despite the age differences between them and Button (Reese is 3.5 years old and Bella 4 years old), they still find plenty to amuse themselves with over here... been a regular thing ever since also *grin*!!!!

January 21st:

By Friday morning I was developing a (what turned out to be) severe infection... so most of the weekend was spent curled up on the couch hiding from the world. Saturday morning I had to do blood tests for the pregnancy, and late afternoon I heaved myself up so we could take a family walk down at those Gardens again. Poor Button was feeling rather house-bound, she'd only been out once during the week; very unusual for us these days!

I love all the red in the above photos, it pulls it altogether...

January 22nd:

Top photo - latest party trick is to do 'the splits', even with jeans on! I took a whole lot of photos, but most of them also turned out blurry :-(! So you'll just have to trust me when I tell you that she can make it right down to the ground - we're thinking gym lessons this year!
Bottom photo - Mr.C was in the shower, and Button is still at that age where she wants to follow you everywhere... she'd just come racing out of the bathroom and back into our bedroom to show me that 'Daddy was washing his tummy now'! I missed the actions, but she'd pulled up her shirt and was rubbing her hands all over her tummy... hilarious, thankfully the imitations stopped there *grin*!!!!

That afternoon Mr.C's family got together for our 'Christmas', as it was the year his sisters went to their in-laws; and because I hate missing out on things - I still dragged myself along! Mr.C is a saint... he'd done EVERYTHING all weekend, including watching Button that entire afternoon. She'd been up since 5am, and had only a 1/2 hour sleep all day - so was hyped up, but coped so well! What a trooper!

Here are some highlights from the afternoon:

January 23rd:

Girl after my own heart... lover of all things apricot (fruit that is, not the colour)! Love the bottom left photo - something was obviously a little tart, and the in the bottom right photo she is 'sharing' her apricot with her hippo! 

And here we are - FINALLY at today...

January 24th:

Just after her bath this evening... loving the smile!

One of these days I am going to have enough time to write more than just a few highlights with these photos... there'll be a whole story to tell, or a little letter to share with Button when she is older. I plan on it - honest!

But for now, this will have to do!


Love those moments - you have areal knack of capturing them. Well done.
Anonymous said…
Oh she is so adorable. Sorry to hear you have been under the weather, it truly sucks to be sick when you're pregnant as well! :(
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