Decluttering Into The New Year...

So finally - a (kinda) New Year post... actually, I am cheating and combining two posts into one here. I seem to be losing time every day; just don't know where it is going - and with Playcentre starting up again tomorrow, it'll start getting even busier! So - two posts into one it is :-)!

I don't really do 'resolutions' as such, but I do think the New Year is a good time to slow down and reflect on the past 12 months, and take a look at what did and didn't work. From this it is easy to decide what you might like to focus on for the coming year, what changes you want to make.

So for me this year - I decided I need to start decluttering... This started to stand out over Christmas; we stayed with my parents for four days, and they are both 'hoarders' (for lack of a better word) and have piles everywhere - don't get me wrong, their house is CLEAN, just piles of 'stuff' everywhere. I have also always lived like this; but I guess now with a toddler I am much more aware of 'piles' just sitting there, she gets into everything given half a chance!

Mr.C, like his Mum, is a minimalist... he has learnt to live with some of my 'piles' over the years, but has slowly (with each move) encouraged me to go through my stuff and start honing it down. And when I say encouraged - read 'loud discussions' (at least sometimes)! 

But this time - it is all me, I came away from my parents and realised I cannot live like this; it would drive me bananas! And so the decluttering began - first of all with Button's Christmas Presents (shall we admit to going overboard this year, hhhmmmm)... out went some brand new, but cheap and totally unnecessary bits (us to blame).

Next came my computer desk and bedside cube (it's not a table as the photo will prove *grin*):

Unfortunately there are no 'before' pics to show you just how much better this corner looks now!

Then Sunday I tackled my draws/dressing table... 

Pre-declutter and dust

Post-declutter and clean

The over-all new look on my side of the bedroom!

Button has no draws, other than the two in her change table which are overflowing! It is something that has bugged me for a LONG time, but Mr.C won't just buy anything - he wants quality that will last her a life time, however we don't have money for that! He has also been promising to replace my ones for me since we got married over 7 years ago (notice all the missing knobs on the photo above?)... I have finally convinced him that I NEED new draws, in order to pass my old ones onto Button to use (until we can afford nice ones for her), so 'lil M can have the change table in his room when he arrives! Does that make sense?!? I have tried and tried to explain that cheap draws are better than no draws for the kids - and we can replace them with better quality once we can afford to... but this is something he is being totally stubborn on. Most of the time we can come to some sort of arrangement - but for some reason, this is not one of those times!

My ulterior motive for decluttering the draws? I know this is an area that annoys Mr.C no end... some piles he can ignore, but not these ones! So I knew cleaning it up would give me leverage - I have convinced him we can afford to buy me some new draws before the baby comes, and I WILL keep them clean, tidy and uncluttered (here's hoping anyway)!

Some days I am very motivated to hit the whole house, other days I don't care - too tired and too overwhelmed! But I love the feeling it gives me... and I couldn't believe how good it felt to throw away some of the junk that has been sitting around for years on the dressing table. So I know the journey will be worth it; it's just energy-sapping!

Next project: Button's toys... she has far too many, and has out-grown a lot of them. So I have three big boxes ready for me to go through and sort, it'll be months and months before 'lil M will be old enough to play with them - so storage it will be! I may even rearrange the living area when I do this, will have to think about it; have got some ideas but will need Mr.C there as I cannot move the bigger stuff anymore! 

I then have a whole heap of other stuff to tackle also:
- My shoes
- My clothes
- The alcove under the stairs
- My white 'craft' cupboard in spare room

I would like to get it all done before 'lil M arrives... wish me luck! It doesn't sound much, but you ain't seen nothing yet ;-)!!!!


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