Documenting Delight - My Rules...

Ok - so in-between cuddling my sick daughter, trying to convince her to eat or drink or take her medicine... attempting to do housework in the short intervals of time I have, talking to hubby (we're like ships passing, and yet we're both at home at the moment, try that!), and then crashing - I think I have managed to come up with some workable rules for me! 

These are very flexible rules, and I don't really know if you can call it 'Documenting Delight' ultimately - BUT, this is (hopefully) what will work for me! If I do it another year, you may find me tweaking it a bit (or even later this year should I manage to keep it up)... but for now here goes:

1) A minimum of one photo a day
2) A minimum of one post a week
3) A minimum of one story to go with each post

And that's it... there is a lot of flexibility within these rules, I am not limiting myself to one photo or one post (or one story - you know what I am like when it comes to words *grin*), if this week has proven anything, it really has emphasised that I need to be flexible. Time has been at a premium, as my daughter has not let me out of her sight all week, literally. She has not been interested in Daddy, and has been just plain miserable - throat infection in case you're wondering. She is on antibiotics now, so should see a difference by tomorrow and back to herself by Monday - BRING.IT.ON!

It is reminding me a little of my 'Weekly Loving Posts' really, a little light and fluffy; but I also think, that for me it is going to be essential when I am coping with minimal sleep - to have to remember to try and focus on one 'Delight'!

So there you have it... hopefully this is something I can keep up with; only time will tell I guess!

PS - I have a glut of posts I want to write and share with you all at the moment... so typical this happens when all around me is chaos (you should see the house, hubby is doing what he can... but)! Can't wait for sanity to return!


I am sure that by now you are noticing a difference in Button - your 'rules' are of necessity flexible, and most would know that. At least a photo a day should keep you focused on thanksgiving.
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