Documenting Delight

I was talking to you in a previous post about Helen from One Trick Pony who is pregnant with twins... Well, she was talking about a photography challenge recently called 'Documenting Delight' and started by Gregarious Peach; where she challenges us to take a photo a day for the entire year that; well, obviously documents some kind of delight from the day. So with my 'new' camera, I thought this a perfect challenge to look further into!

Gregarious Peach has chosen her children as her subjects for this challenge, and will be taking a photo of each of them (just the two) each day, documenting them on her blog (as above) and writing a short story or letter to go with each photo. She has a lot more information on her blog, so if you're interested you can read about it here and here! She did this back in 2010 as well, and then had them put together in book form and had them published this past year - looks amazing!

There are many ways of doing this, no need to copy her format - your project, your rules... so I am still thinking about how I am going to practically keep this up! I WILL be taking a photo a day; but won't be publishing them daily like she did (obviously, it's already the 4th and I haven't started the publishing side of things... hehehe, but have got photos from each day)! I think I will do a weekly collage on here of the photos, and then add the stories/letters in at this point. Hmmm - still thinking though; whatever I do, it has to be realistic for me, as I'll have a newborn in 3.5 months time (eeek)! I am also still deciding if I'll just do a photo a day of whatever is 'Delightful', or whether I'll do a focus like my child(ren)... 

Either way - Mr.C is 'delighted' (hehehe), as we just had another 'discussion' (read - he lectured me) on how I tend to focus on the negative; especially when I am tired or sick. He is hoping that by doing this challenge it'll remind me of all the good things in my life. 

Hmmm, the more I think about it - the more I think I won't have an actual focus, I'll just document some 'delight' in each day. That way there is just the 'one project', and it gives us the story of our year as a family... especially with the arrival of our wee man! So exciting!

I am going to think this through, and then write up a list of 'rules' for me to follow this year on here; and it will mean you can all keep me accountable - I have a tendency to start projects but never finish them. There will need to be a certain amount of flexibility due to the impending arrival of our boy in April; but not so much that it gets totally missed... will think it through and get another post out with these thoughts shortly, followed by my first post on 'Documenting Delight' soon afterwards!

So be on the look-out; great things to come!

PS - I promise I'll do a Christmas and New Year post soon, a holiday post and a general catch up one! But not tonight!


You go girl - it will give you a wonderful record of your year, and I am sure you will be pleased you have done it when the year is over.
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