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You may, or may not remember - but back in October I wrote a post about my friends husband who had been diagnosed with bowel cancer two years earlier; and was now basically waiting for the end. He was still fighting; he wanted to see his eldest son turn 5, and hopefully get through one final family Christmas.

He did both these - a credit to his courageous spirit, determination and love for his young family. Unfortunately, on January 2nd at 8am Sydney time (10am our time), he passed away to be with his Lord... it was a peaceful passing, with his wife by his side and a tear in his eye.

Today he is getting his final hurrah - there is a memorial service being held at his church, and it is being streamed live for those of us who can't be there in person... you can pop in and say goodbye to this incredible man HERE. 

To see the impact he made on this world during his much-to-short life, you only need to google his name alongside Bowel Cancer, and the list seems endless... but if there is one article/tribute I would recommend (have tissues on the ready) it would be this one. It just shows a tiny percentage of the people he has impacted - his faith, his life, his strength, his character; everything about him is inspirational.

Even his final blog entry will have you in tears - it was posted after his death by his wife Rachel, although obviously written earlier.

The tributes are flowing:
My thoughts are with his family. What a brave and inspirational man. He has saved a lot of lives by bringing this to the attention of us boofhead males that rarely see doctors. I have had a check up because of you. God bless.

A brave, passionate, amazing man indeed. I did not know Kristian at all but he will forever have a place in my heart. His story inspired my husband to have a lump on his throat checked out, which has turned out to be cancerous. Beacuse of him, we have caught my husband's cancer early and all signs are pointing in our favour. He has made a difference to our lives and I cannot measure my debt of gratitude. My deepest condolences to Rachel, Cody and Jakob. I cannot imagine the pain you are feeling now. My belief is heaven is in your heart and you take it with you wherever you go. Kristian will be your guardian angel and will watch over you forever more. RIP Kristian.

a true love story....everytime I read about this couple I just cry....RIP Kristian.

The world needs more men like Kristian. Thoughts and love to his family and friends. RIP Mate.

Rest in Peace, Kristian, you have the best seat in the house to watch your beloved boys grow. My condolences to Rachel and the boys, I hope your grief is short and your happy memories are eternal. Such and inspiration to the rest of us, taken too early.

RIP Kristian.... you are a true hero of this world.... Your inspiration will live on and truly changed the whole world and everyone's perspective on life :)

Very sad and most touching story of this loving family. In your time of sadness I wish you all the peace and love you deserve. Kristian was sent to this world for an important message. His love,courage, strength and devotion to his family,friends and people in general has left today's world a better place.

I so often reminded how short life is, and how we need to make the best of the time we have here on this Earth ..... this man has left a wonderful legacy and is a fantastic example to the rest of us. I hope and pray his family are comforted through this very difficult time.

So very sad. Kristian was a very inpsirational man who showed me to be grateful for everyone and everything I have in my life. You never know what the future holds so tell those around you that you love them and live every moment to the fullest. My thoughts go out to Rachel and the two gorgeous sons they share.


Being a father of two young boys, in close age to that of Kristians - Im speechless. And as a grown man Im in tears reading this story. This man has touched the hearts of everyone. What a man. What a father, RIP mate.

Reading this article has bough tears to my eyes my heart goes out to the wonderful family that he has left behind!!! My husband and I have learnt to appreciate life more thanks to the role model who has sadly lost he battle!! It is a very sad day!! He will always be remembered as a brave, caring man who touched the hearts of millions and taught who taught me how to live and love!!! May he rest in peace!!

RIP brother. I hope the community takes care of its own in the same spirit you lived your life. The impact of your video and the depth of its meaning was far beyond your understanding. You will have no idea how much you moved people

I hope those that have influence for australian of the year can look into this mans contribution, I can think of noone more deserving, his campaign to get an cancer drug apporved whilst himself dying, his candid blogs about his own mortality , I for one am a better person from reading his works, Thankyou Kristian and thankyou to his wife Rachel for sharing him with us all.

The world is a poorer place today with the loss of this inspirational man. Thank you Kristian - you made a difference and made sure the campaign for Erbitux was heard. Love and prayers for Rachel, your boys and all your family and friends. Your fight to live has inspired other cancer sufferers and their families to never give up hope.

Very saddened to hear Kristian passed away but what a lovely legacy he has left for his family with all his fav. T-shirts and items for the boys and photo albums etc. What an awesome guy he was to make the effort while he was going through such tough times with his illness. To Rachel you are obviously a very caring and wonderful wife and mother and I want u to know as someone who has been there and cared for a loved one who has terminal Cancer that I am proud of you, it has got to be up there as one of the hardest things to live through while watching a loved one get sicker. It is a very hard thing to be left behind aswell to deal with all life has in store.. Stay strong and know there are heaps of people out there wishing u peace and comfort knowing he fought so hard and made such a difference in the lives of so many. He will live on in the memories and hearts of all those who watched the beautiful video he made for u and through the appearance on Oprah and all the other shows u guys went on. I wish u and ur family all the best. x ♥ x RIP Kristian

The world has lost a beautiful man. How lucky we were to have known about him. A thank you to his wonderful wife for sharing him with the rest of us. Much love to you.

And so it goes on.

All of these have been taken from articles written by: The Daily Telegraph and published online... names associated with them are attached within the tributes in the paper.

As always there are stupid people writing stupid things which get me very angry, but they are few and far between - the majority are positive and sad at Kris' passing.

Twelve minutes and counting until his service starts airing live - so go now people, go now and watch the life of this amazing man celebrated!

I am.

Kia Kaha Rachel, Cody, Jakob and the families.


jacksta said…
thanks for this link. It sure puts life into perspective.
This comment has been removed by the author.
We only watched the first 58 minutes as we had an appointment in town, then my comp had a spaz and I lost the ability to go back and watch the rest. :-(
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