Two Cool Kids

On our way home from our family holiday, we popped in and spent some time with hubby's cousin and her family... the funny thing is, I knew his cousin for years before I ever met him! 

Hubby and Jackie are close, so it's cool that I have known her so long - it makes it fun to pop in and see her and her family, rather than 'just another family visit'! Actually I am pretty blessed; Mr.C's family have taken me in as one of their own, and it IS fun catching up with them (and I don't just have to say that, hehehe)... he has quite a close extended family, which is really lovely!

Anyway - the point is Jackie has two sons, the eldest being 9 and the younger one almost 7 (wow, they have grown up very quickly)! They are very cool kids, and we have always found them to be a lot of fun to have around. But the younger boy just blew me away on this visit...

The family are animal mad - they have a dog, cats, rabbits, mice, a 'pet' rat (urgghhh) and quite possibly other animals we never met... but Button just LOVES animals and has very little fear; so here she is petting both the pet mice with 'D' (bottom left) and pet rat with 'J' (bottom right):

Before we left Jackie gave us a few toys and things that the boys had outgrown; it was such a blessing and very sweet... but then the outstanding generosity of 'D' came into it's own!

In the top photo above you'll see Button sitting on a tiger beanbag; as I have said Button loves animals, but especially wild animals... and this beanbag had captured her attention from the moment she walked into that room. It didn't take long for 'D' to realise this, and despite the fact this kid still uses it regularly - he gave it to Button, he is just one of those kids! I checked with his Mum first, I wasn't comfortable taking  it when I knew he still used it and loved it... but it was his to make that decision with. He also came out with all his spare change for her to put into her piggy bank; so here you go 'D'... this is my hand putting that money into Button's piggy bank (photo taken just for you):

And just so you know - that tiger beanbag is still a HUGE hit here! She has used it almost every day since we got home, and the neighbours kids LOVE it also! It will be loved beyond measure, and will be looked after... but seriously, if you change your mind - just tell us, and we'll pop it away for you again. 

Today I did a little rearrange though, and popped it into our lounge, so she can sit on it when watching TV/DVD's - and that was a HUGE success, I even caught her wrestling it tonight, too cute! No photos of that though :-(! But here is one of her from earlier in the week:

Jackie and Greg - those boys are a credit to you both, you're doing a marvelous job... keep it up! I hope Button is as kind, compassionate and generous as both your boys are when she gets to their age :-)!

We loved our visit, and will totally pop in again!


WOW - what a family - that is totally awesome.
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