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DD 12 = 23rd-27th February 2012

23rd February 2012: It has started to dawn on me, that there are not many weeks left of just 'me and Button'; and I need to make the most of this time while I have got it. Lately we have been having a few tantrums, and the day before this had been a tough day - so I decided a more 'Mummy-Focused' day was necessary... and spent the entire morning ignoring housework and anything else that called my name and we just played together. This series of photos shows Button at morning tea time - I decided to set up her snacks in her little tea set, on her little table (first time I had gone to this extent), and as you can see; it was a BIG hit! Leading onto pretend play with pouring and then stirring a drink, followed by drinking it and sharing it with me! The day finished off with the most amazing sunset ever :-)! 24th February 2012: It was a VERY busy day today... starting off with Playcentre. When we got home from our session, Gran and Poppa ha

DD 11 = 18-22 February 2012

18th February 2012: Bottom Left:   The morning started off a little misty; first signs that summer is slowly losing it's grasp on our part of the world... hmmm, if you can count this as having been summer! Top Right: Button found Mr.C to be a very comfortable La-Z-Boy that morning also... especially while she played with his smart phone. Top Left:  We went hunting for a Wiggles Bag for Playcentre for Button; had been told of a shop where they could be found in Howick! We located the shop, and located the perfect bag... Button held the bag in front of her face just soaking it all in, from Howick back to Botany. Once we got to Botany she didn't want to take it off; too cute! Bottom Right:  That is until we bumped into Uncle Phil at Botany (oh, and Aunty Kat)... and suddenly the bag just got in the way! 19th February 2012: Nana came up to stay with us over that weekend, but unfortunately by Saturday afternoon Button had woken up with quite a bad f

DD 10 = 12-17th February 2012

12th February 2012: Sunday afternoon saw us popping down to the shops for the express purpose of buying a fan for me... it is getting HOT! But in the end - it was a fun afternoon for Button, and no fan for me! The photos probably don't need much explanation ;-)! Have I ever mentioned my daughter is obsessed with flowers? Top right photo - this happens EVERY.SINGLE.TIME we walk into New World, she goes down past the flowers and stops to sniff almost every single one! It is never a quick trip ;-)! Oh, and in case you're wondering... Mr.C came home with a fan for me on Valentines Day instead! 13 February 2012: My To-Do list of housework = COMPLETED! Trust me, this was worth a photo, as it doesn't happen very often ;-)! 14 February 2012: !VALENTINES DAY (all that plus said fan) ! 15th February 2012: We had a storm come over Auckland... this was the day of the water spout in the city harbour (for those of you who are local

DD 9 = 9-11th February 2012

9th February 2012: Whew - I am almost up-to-date :-)! Here is our wee sleeping angel... I hadn't managed to take a photo that day, so I took a chance and nabbed one while she slept that night! It isn't centred, or showing all of her as I had to take a guess as to where she was - I couldn't see her either :-)! But despite this, she still looks peaceful and content; I love sleeping children!!!!! 10th February 2012: Button and I met Daddy down at the shops after work this afternoon, we had an appointment to attend - so I made sure we had a few toys / books and food for her to (hopefully) keep her occupied! I put the few toys into her little handbag, and she insisted on carrying that around for the rest of the time we were there - it was VERY cute, and we got a lot of smiles from passers-by! This photo doesn't show it exceptionally well, but if you look super hard at the bottom left of the photo, you will see she is holding something ;-)! 11th F

DD 8 = 8th February 2012

8th February 2012: I have chosen to keep this  separate , as I took well over 100 photos - although, I do promise that I have honed them down to just a few comparatively; but still plenty enough to make it a single post on it's own! In the afternoon I did some water play with Button, and added in bubbles... it took her a while to really start to get into it! The bottom left photo shows her staring quite horrified/fascinated with the bubbles, she'd never really seen them before - she ended up shaking them off, getting a bit distressed! But it didn't take long before she got right into it, and had no issues with the bubbles as the other photos show! The dress didn't stay on her long - it got totally saturated ;-)! We stayed outside most of the afternoon that day, and I got a number of other photos... bet you didn't know that prams are for holding above your head, not pushing along the ground! I can't remember what she was pointing to in the s

DD 7 = 6-7th February 2012

6th February 2012: Who could not delight in that gorgeous smile - top right... she is the light of our lives! AND, who can't resist a child reading a book to themselves; surely not me! Love, love, love :-)! 7th February 2012: Left - a childhood necessity, learning to wear 'Big People' shoes! Don't you love it :-)! The the two right photos are Button 'eating' crackers and marmite (oh the ecstasy), but she literally just licked the marmite off and nibbled on the crackers! She does like the crackers, and will happily eat them without marmite on them - but given the choice, the marmite will win hands down!  I know I have put a few of these types of photos in recently - but she's just so darn cute :-)!

DD 6 = 1-5th February 2012

1st February 2012: Today was Button's first day back at Playcentre... and what a different kid! I am SO proud of her, and all the changes and confidence she has gained over the summer - no more clinging to my leg, she was quite happy to go off exploring by herself and do her own thing (bottom photo proving this)! As long as she could either see me or hear me, she basically was happy to ignore me - makes Playcentre so much more enjoyable for me, as I feel I can finally start having conversations with the other Mum's, and making an effort to get to know them... it also means I can start helping with the clean-up more! She also is coping with the time these days, no more following her around with sandwiches, so she drops off to sleep with a full tummy on the way home - she stays awake in the car, and is happy to have lunch when we get home, and then head off to bed! Yay... I think I am going to have to write up a while post on the changes that have been happening in her

DD 5 = 30-31st January

I have chosen to put these last two days up separately in January, as the 30th here was a public holiday (Auckland Anniversary Day); and we were BUSY! So have a whole heap of photos to share... that is what I am going to be doing until I catch up - just sharing a few days at a time, to make this more readable for all you lovely folk! Monday 30th January dawned bright and warm, and while we knew we had something on in the afternoon - the morning was a blank canvas! Hubby decided we needed to go out, and originally we decided that we'd just go to a local park to let Button stretch her legs... but all of a sudden we jumped in the car and were heading over to Western Springs Park, right across Auckland! It was one of those spur of the moment decisions that could either have turned nasty, or been a morning of amazing memory making for us all! Thankfully it was the latter; Button is getting older and copes with things better now (including only about a 30 minute sleep all that day)

DD 4 = 26-29th January

So finally - I am sitting down and trying to catch up on this 'Documenting Delight'... now don't get me wrong, I have been taking photos regularly, and they have even been 'photoscaped' and ready to go for a while now (just had a couple of days to do right now, but other than that they have been sitting and waiting)! But I am trying to balance out my DD Posts with other more interesting posts, as I found it was getting a little one-sided (bit like my 'Things I Love' posts last year). But it has been a BUSY couple of weeks, and is only going to get busier - I can see that already! So without further ado, here are the photos from the end of January: 26th January: Top photo was Button dressed in Butterfly wings... we were visiting a friend; had been stuck inside for 2-3 days due to weather and other things, and both Button and I were getting cabin fever. I had text out an open invitation to meet people at the shops just for an outing, but  went
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