30 Week Update

1) Me at 29 weeks pregnant with Button (2010)
2) Me at 30 weeks pregnant with 'lil M (today)
3) Me at 31 weeks pregnant with Button (2010)

Unfortunately I don't have a photo taken of me at exactly 30 weeks with Button, so instead you get two photos - one from either side of it! But it does give you a good look, and me the proof I was lacking, that I am now MUCH bigger than what I was with Button at the same time.

I knew I'd had a growth spurt recently (well, not me literally)... but this seems insane; here is a comparison of me at 25.5 weeks and today:

I am starting to think Mr.C might actually be right - he is going to be one BIG boy!!! I am not sure if I am happy or just plain scared about that thought... scared I think is probably the more appropriate emotion right now!

Ah well - only 10 weeks to go... and counting! Everything is going well, except my iron levels are very low (surprise, surprise)! So I am on iron, and at 36 weeks my Midwife will get them checked again to make sure they are improving - if not, she'll up the dose for the final weeks. This explains the immense fatigue I am feeling right now (and the lack of enthusiasm I have for anything except sleep)! 

There are good things though; I have not got the swelling that I had with Button, nor the intense hip pain when sleeping at night... I suspect the hip pain will kick in soon though, as I am finding myself waking at 5am with sore hips and legs. Summer has been very kind to me this year, and I have not had the low blood pressure problems due to the heat either (with Button if I got over-heated I would faint and/or throw up... horrid). And currently - still no stretch marks; yay for Bio-Oil ;-)!


You're looking great :)

Think I might have to dig out photos of me pregnant with Tiny and do the comparison, even though I, too, *know* I'm bigger this time round. Sigh...darn pre-relaxed muscles!!
Go for the pre-relaxed muscles, not the bigger baby :-)
Looking good my Dear.
Amy said…
And if he is bigger (refering to Maxine's comment), then he might be a gentle giant like our lad! ;op
And you do at least have a HUGE stash of clothing that he should fit pretty well. Grin again.
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