DD 10 = 12-17th February 2012

12th February 2012:

Sunday afternoon saw us popping down to the shops for the express purpose of buying a fan for me... it is getting HOT!

But in the end - it was a fun afternoon for Button, and no fan for me! The photos probably don't need much explanation ;-)!

Have I ever mentioned my daughter is obsessed with flowers? Top right photo - this happens EVERY.SINGLE.TIME we walk into New World, she goes down past the flowers and stops to sniff almost every single one! It is never a quick trip ;-)!

Oh, and in case you're wondering... Mr.C came home with a fan for me on Valentines Day instead!

13 February 2012:

My To-Do list of housework = COMPLETED! Trust me, this was worth a photo, as it doesn't happen very often ;-)!

14 February 2012:

!VALENTINES DAY (all that plus said fan)!

15th February 2012:

We had a storm come over Auckland... this was the day of the water spout in the city harbour (for those of you who are local). Button and I got to watch it come down south - amazing to watch as it got closer and closer. Button LOVED it, as the next photos show:

The top right photo shows you just how dark it really got that afternoon...

16th February 2012:

Top photo: one cow posing in front of the glorious sunset...

Bottom photo: me posing while eating chocolate and watching 'Australia X-Factor'! 

17th February 2012:

One very bored toddler waiting for Daddy to get home from work... turned out she was starting to come down sick, but we weren't aware of this then!


The cow photo blends in with your photo, and I had to look twice to make sure you were not referring to yourself..... :-(.
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