DD 5 = 30-31st January

I have chosen to put these last two days up separately in January, as the 30th here was a public holiday (Auckland Anniversary Day); and we were BUSY! So have a whole heap of photos to share... that is what I am going to be doing until I catch up - just sharing a few days at a time, to make this more readable for all you lovely folk!

Monday 30th January dawned bright and warm, and while we knew we had something on in the afternoon - the morning was a blank canvas! Hubby decided we needed to go out, and originally we decided that we'd just go to a local park to let Button stretch her legs... but all of a sudden we jumped in the car and were heading over to Western Springs Park, right across Auckland! It was one of those spur of the moment decisions that could either have turned nasty, or been a morning of amazing memory making for us all! Thankfully it was the latter; Button is getting older and copes with things better now (including only about a 30 minute sleep all that day) and so I am finding things are just running smoother and smoother. LOVING it...

So just to get your juices flowing, here are some of my favourite scenery photos taken that morning:

I had a lot of fun playing with the settings on my camera that morning... can you tell ;-)!

Here are some photos of Button and probably Hubby down at the Park - she adored it, and Mr.C had her holding food out for the swans and geese, she even got 'nipped' a couple of times but this kid has NO fear! 

The only sleep she got was in the car on the way home, but never mind - we knew we were going out, so we knew that she would cope! 

That afternoon we popped over to some friends for 'Banana Split' fun (bring your own banana's, but everything else was supplied)! Most of our church friends are now married and have kids (or kids on the way); so we knew there'd be heaps of folk there with others Button's age - and there was! Heaps of folk turned up, and it was a LOVELY afternoon... but ended up so hot, that we all took a walk down to the local Reserve. Some of the photos are taken at the house, and some at the Reserve:

That night we had one TIRED little girl... I have entitled these next photos 'Toddler Tornado', and I'm sure you'll understand why when you take a look (can you see the 'Tornado' in the middle of it all?):

31st January 2012:

I don't know about Button, but I am 'in-love' with the gorgeous little kitchen she got for Christmas from her Grandparents; and it always gives me warm fuzzies when I see her playing with it... so here are some photos for you Nana! I know it doesn't necessarily look like she is playing with it literally in these, but again - you'll need to trust me, as she was! I just missed the best shots, doh!

The bottom photo is my Head Chef and best friend... love, love, love him!


Cat said…
What an absolutely beautiful post I can almost read the joy in your voice ::))
Western Springs - so so so close but yet so far from me !! !!
LOVING the banana split idea xx
Great photos :) Love the banana split idea, such a simple but delicious and fun concept!
You obviously had a great day - I know another youngster who hated being nipped - or having her food stolen by a swan :-)!!
Amy said…
Nice pukeko shot at the park.
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