DD 7 = 6-7th February 2012

6th February 2012:

Who could not delight in that gorgeous smile - top right... she is the light of our lives!

AND, who can't resist a child reading a book to themselves; surely not me!

Love, love, love :-)!

7th February 2012:

Left - a childhood necessity, learning to wear 'Big People' shoes! Don't you love it :-)!

The the two right photos are Button 'eating' crackers and marmite (oh the ecstasy), but she literally just licked the marmite off and nibbled on the crackers! She does like the crackers, and will happily eat them without marmite on them - but given the choice, the marmite will win hands down! 

I know I have put a few of these types of photos in recently - but she's just so darn cute :-)!


Cat said…
She has the prettiest smile which could break hearts
Oh yes - one heart breaker coming up!
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