DD 9 = 9-11th February 2012

9th February 2012:

Whew - I am almost up-to-date :-)!

Here is our wee sleeping angel... I hadn't managed to take a photo that day, so I took a chance and nabbed one while she slept that night! It isn't centred, or showing all of her as I had to take a guess as to where she was - I couldn't see her either :-)! But despite this, she still looks peaceful and content; I love sleeping children!!!!!

10th February 2012:

Button and I met Daddy down at the shops after work this afternoon, we had an appointment to attend - so I made sure we had a few toys / books and food for her to (hopefully) keep her occupied! I put the few toys into her little handbag, and she insisted on carrying that around for the rest of the time we were there - it was VERY cute, and we got a lot of smiles from passers-by! This photo doesn't show it exceptionally well, but if you look super hard at the bottom left of the photo, you will see she is holding something ;-)!

11th February 2012:

The day started off drizzly and muggy yesterday, but not HOT... however, after lunch the sun came out and it was HOT! The top two photos show how hot it really was - none of us had the motivation to do anything, even Button just lay around watching DVD's :-)!

Bottom middle photo 'shows' Button feeding Little Luke (next door neighbour) her morning tea - one raisin at a time! It was SO cute, and the reason there is only one  bad photo, is that I took a five minute video of it, as photos would never do it justice! But that is far to big to share with you here... :-(!

The other two bottom photos are of Button eating ice cream after her dinner - nothing like ice cream to up the motivation levels a little ;-)! She'd had a hot dinner, and was still so clammy that I figured she really did need something to cool her off - it is dairy-free (lite licks), but is divine! I have never seen her scrap her dinner plate as clean as she scraps her dessert plate!!!! Funny how they work this out so young!!!!


Good old lite licks - it was a life saver for us too when I hadn't made my version of 'dairy free ice cream'.
Cat said…
I love my babies but I think I love them even more when they are sleeping :)
I do love the 2nd b&w photo - she certainly is a treasure
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