Stealing A Mantra!

Thanks to Amy at Girl Schmuck I have found my mantra for 2012...

So 2012 is going to be all about:

Organise and Simplify

Which is basically what I was trying to tell you in one of my previous postsbut it came out very elongated and not very 'simply' at all!!!

So right now it feels like I am doubling up on posts here... whereas the idea had been to cross off two idea's in one evening! But wait a moment - there is going to be much more to this post than just 'stealing a mantra'; honest!

And I haven't forgotten about my 'Documenting Delight' posts either, or my ground rules - hahaha! But I have been getting increasingly tired (turns out my iron levels a VERY low... hopefully that will improve soon though) and currently everything feels like hard work! Also Button wasn't sleeping much during the day - I got slightly over the hour on Wednesday, 50 minutes on Thursday and 35 minutes on Friday; trust me, I was one unhappy and VERY tired Mama! Thankfully she slept for 1.5 hours yesterday (but I so could have done with that on Friday), and is heading towards the same today also.

Anyway - I am digressing as usual, the above paragraph was to say that I have got the photos, and will put them together very soon and get a DD post up for you all to ohhh and ahhh over (and tell me how cute my daughter is)!!!!

The thing I was going to focus on in this post is the reorganise side of things... Mr.C and I are talking BIG changes to our part of the house - but nothing can happen until we sort out the fourth bedroom with our landlords, and that can't go ahead until March. I am Ms. Impatience, and now that we are both on the same page and Mr.C has finally listened and (I think) likes my ideas - I want them done NOW!!!! So instead of nagging or harassing him (which is not going to help, as he can't do anything anyway), I am going to share with you all what we're planning on doing.

So let me try and explain our house to you (for those who haven't seen it IRL):

Top Left: The entire house from the driveway, you can't see our part though, as it is behind the main house!

To get to our part, you need to walk through the carport - which can be seen as the big black hole bottom / centre / left of the house, and turn right. This will lead you down a short path to our 'front door' (as seen in the right hand photo); which we refer to as our 'back door'; as it is situated at the back of our house, make sense?!?

The bottom two left-hand photos are of our part of the house looking from the backyard - the rest of the house is to the left  (you can kind of see where it all joins in the bottom of the two photos; I have discovered I don't have an actual photo of the whole back of the house, just the front). 

I am only going into this much depth as I LOVE seeing photos of other peoples houses - makes descriptions spring to life... you're welcome to skip the rest of this post if this kind of thing bores you to tears, as it's going to be LONG *grin*!

As you come in our front/back door - you enter into a long hallway; to your immediate left there is the main bathroom and toilet (bottom right photo below... ahhh yes, the potty - urgghhhh), and to your right are two doors that you'll most likely never see open at the moment. These doors go into bedrooms that belong to the main house, but they have access both ways - and we moved in here with the understanding that as our family or needs increased, we can add more bedrooms into 'our part' of the house. Hence the need to discuss adding in a fourth bedroom with the landlords come March (incase that sentence had originally confused you)! In the top right photo (below) you'll see a door handle - this goes into the room that we will hopefully be able to negotiate to use as our new spare room... this is the view taken from the front door (not very inspiring I know, but I wanted to show where the fourth bedroom would be in time). The photo to the left here is the stairwell, taken from above - there is a landing in the middle, with another stairwell below it.

Then as you come further down the hall you'll see our current spare bedroom on the left (after a HUGE linen cupboard *happy sigh*)! Beside this is the stairway accessing upstairs, and a small alcove which opens into under stair storage... to the delight of the hoarder in me (but the nemesis of Mr.C)! 

You then come down two stairs and enter into a LARGE open-plan dining/living room, with the kitchen off to the right of this... and the lounge comes off this to your left (and back up two stairs). It is a very cool set up, and I am going to try and take some photos of it today - to show you how we have currently set it up, in the hopes that the reorganisation will make more sense to you as I go along.

Going from left to right:
1) First BIG photo: Back of the open plan living/dining - currently a play area for Button (looking from the lounge).
2) Other half of the open plan living/dining taken from the lounge. Has a big fridge and table - to the right of this is our kitchen.
3) Looking back down our hallway from living/dining room towards the main door - I took this so you'll see the alcove, then the stairwell and then the door to our current spare bedroom.
4) Looking into our lounge from the living/dining area, taken from the french doors beside the fridge in photo 2.
5) Inside the kitchen - again not an inspiring photo, you see the pantry door to the left and then the big gap where our smaller fridge used to sit (and currently only has the rubbish bin)... but I have plans for this, which I will explain later on!
6 & 7) The two smaller photos below the first big photo - this shows our current spare bedroom; the one that Button will be moving into next month.
8) The second big photo - a close up view of our lounge.
9 & 10) And finally just a glimpse into our kitchen, first one taken further out than the second one.

Seems extreme to be showing you all this detail - but nothing will make sense if I don't; at least not in my mind anyway *grin*!


As you come up the stairs you go hard left and find yourself in Button's room - these are the two left-hand photos above. It is a big square room without a lot of wall space. To the right it has a big double wardrobe, and then some french doors (neither of which can be seen in these photos, but the french doors are behind the big blue chair in the top photo) which lead onto a small balcony. To the right is the chimney - can be seen in the bottom left photo, which comes through from the lounge downstairs. Straight ahead is a big double window (top photo) and then the only free wall is the one opposite the wardrobe - she has her cot head up against it, and her change table, and shelves with books/toys in them.

Top right photo is what you see from the top of the stairs when you turn right: laundry right down the far end, bathroom in the corner beside it and toilet beside the stairwell.

Opposite the toilet door is our bedroom door (bottom two right hand photos)... the first photo shows you looking in from the door but glancing right - this is Mr.C's side of the room and he has his big desk set up there in the corner. Then the bottom photo is looking straight ahead from the door and is my side of the room - you see my small desk, laptop and very sad old drawers! But please excuse the unmade bed in the middle... it is always made during the week, but weekends never - just don't have a routine going on then!

Both the upstairs bedrooms are HUGE, whereas the bottom two seem average in comparison (although in a normal sense, they are also both of a good size)! We are VERY blessed to be living here, and absolutely LOVE it!!!!!

Anyway - here to the reorganisation:

Button, as mentioned before, will be moved to the current downstairs spare room - which will be moved to other room down near the main door. Because Button is going to be downstairs, we will be moving a lot of her specific/special toys into her room, in the hopes she'll want to play in there more (thinking ahead to a crawling baby who is likely to make a nuisance of themselves). So a lot of that play area in the living/dining area will be reorganised and simplified - yay!!!!!!

I then want the table to be placed down where her play shelves are currently kept - this will give it more room, and I am hopeful we can use it for it's intended purpose! Our friend has made a BIG table and originally offered it to us to use, but we had thought it wouldn't fit - but by doing this reshuffle, hopefully it will. So we will contact him next week (he and his wife are away this weekend) and see if we can 'borrow' it medium term as originally discussed. Opposite the table (no photos showing this side) we will keep as a play area for Button and then 'lil M, it'll just be smaller and more contained.

One of the main reasons for moving the table further down is that Button uses that door constantly to go in and out of the back yard - but the table covers half the door, and is the exact height of her forehead, the poor little mite has had a lot of bruises recently from walking into the corner of it... 

The big play shelves will be moved into the spare room and will be put to good use with the overflow from my bookshelves in the lounge being moved into there. The current set of smaller shelves in the spare room will then be kept in Button's room and will be set up as her 'play shelves' instead.

I don't know if you can really tell in the photos - but the table is a bit of a dumping ground for everything, which Mr.C HATES; so this is where the strange photo of the pantry door and gap in the kitchen come in! I want Mr.C to build a bench to fit that gap - with the full purpose of this becoming my 'dumping ground' (tissues, diary, phones, wallet, mail etc). This will free up the table, and encourage us to use it more often - the table our friend built will also (hopefully) encourage us to entertain more, as there are benches to go with it (we don't own any chairs) and this means we can offer folk a place to sit and eat (currently we all sit in the lounge to eat)!

Hmmm - I think this pretty much covers downstairs, except that the blue couch you can see in some of the photos will be moved upstairs...

Now to upstairs - once we have moved Button downstairs, we are going to swap rooms and take back the Master Bedroom with double wardrobe; and 'lil M will be set up in our current bedroom. This is where the big blue couch comes in - it will be up against the wall where Mr.C's computer desk currently sits... the rest of the room will be sorted out as we go (I have a vague idea in my mind how it will work, but only time will tell).

I originally thought we wouldn't have the room for all our stuff in the Master Bedroom (I don't think it's smaller, just a different shape and thus less wall space)... but I stayed awake half the night recently and worked it all out! I had planned on buying two sets of draws for me, but the big wardrobe has shelves in it - so we are going to buy one set for me, and one set for Button now (and I'll use the shelves in the wardrobe as well); and 'lil M will get my old set until we can afford to replace them for him. Yay - so both kids will have their own draws finally.

So - our (new) room:

Left back wall will have my computer desk, my bedside cube, our bed, then Mr.C's bedside cube. His draws will be there but against the wall with the big window... then under that window will be his computer desk - with the main big corner going round in front of the french doors, however there should still be enough room to access them! See - easy peasy when you stay up half the night... 'But what about your new draws?" I hear you ask! Now this is what I have been spending half the night trying to work out - the solution: instead of buying a big tallboy like originally planned, I will buy a long low set, and this will sit at the foot of our bed... magic! Now everything fits - love it!!!!!!!

It is now 10:30pm, and I NEED bed... I will post this, but will probably not check it for errors until tomorrow. So please excuse any and all typos you come across, hopefully they'll be fixed in the next 24 hours!


Miriam said…
Sounds very exciting!! Hope that it all works out exactly as you have in your mind. looks like an amazing house.
I can follow, but mainly because I know the place :-). I am not surprised that you are changing rooms upstairs.
Amy said…
You have been busy! In your head at this stage, at any rate. Sounds like it should all work out well. I love the sound of the little shelf in the kitchen for all those extra things -we have the same issue here with the dining table being the dumping ground for all manner of things. Why the move into the other bedroom? Is it to give you more space or something else? I can't work out which room is actually the smaller, although I guess that Button's current one has the wardrobe?
Girl Schmuck said…
Hello from Florida. Glad you were up for organizing. I think you need to take advantage of all those wonderful hormones while you can.
Turn your hording energy into 10 minute organization tasks. Find only five feet of space, anywhere. And only tackle five feet at any one time. Just put books away on a shelf, don't stop to look at them or think you could use them. put them away. Pens, pencils just put them in your pencil holder. Do not sharpen them or walk way to put them in a drawer.
Sometimes its just five little feet, but in your mind you have moved a mountain.
Remember part of simplify is NO more buying things. Less stuff. Then when you want, collect stuff in a laundry basket that you want to give away. Bag it up in a black garbage bag and take it to a shelter and donate it.
I have over 100 jars of spices and herbs in my kitchen. But honestly I only use 10 or less. I must stop buying more. I have more than 300 pens in my desk area. Must stop buying more.
tackle only five feet of space for 10 mins every day. Just start one one day.. don't think about tomorrow. Just today. And don't get upset when the fella doesn't notice. They don't notice much unless its a complete disaster. Good luck.
Girl Schmuck
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