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Food for Thought...

After my post the other day 'Just Thinking', I had a friend write to me personally about how she worries over her daughters weight due to various reasons...

It was interesting that she should mention that as it had been on my mind with Button of recent weeks also. See I have this paranoia about her waking at night hungry - I am not sure why; it is just 'one of those things'! I think it dated back to our family getting a violent tummy bug when she was only 10 months old, and after so long with her sleeping through the night - she didn't eat for ten days and I was getting up to her 2-3 times a night to feed her (was still breast feeding back then). It then continued on for a couple of months afterwards due to teething and colds and other such dramas - in the end we had to wean her off over a few nights, and get her back into sleeping right through. But at the time it totally exhausted me, and I started feeling very resentful; and since then have dreaded the thought th…

37 Weeks and the Countdown is ON...

I thought I'd do one more update on the stomach... it is GROWING! (If I am still intact on my due date - I promise to post a comparison photo then also though)!

Please excuse the quality of the photos; hubby is not a photographer ;-)! However, it still at least manages to give you an idea of the size... and here is the 37 week comparison with Button:

1) 37 weeks with Button 2) 37 weeks with 'lil M
Difficult to tell though, due to sitting in the first photo... but I look huge in both photos; so I guess I am just plain huge *grin*!!!!
I am now getting the pelvic pain at night, back ache during the day and constant exhaustion! I just keep telling myself that there isn't long to go now... I am starting to get really excited about meeting him; hubby has been anxious to meet him from the start - I have been happy to give him the chance to grow (guess that is partially because I 'feel' him every single day anyway). The thought of two children still frightens me, but I keep tel…

DD 16 = March 11-15th 2012

March 11th:

Daddy makes bed time fun... love the right hand one, although the quality is BAD; I tried getting them to turn around so I could take a photo away from the light but neither were being very cooperative that night ;-)! So this is the best I could get unfortunately; thankfully my daughter appears to have a reasonably strong stomach!
March 12th:

More fun with Daddy - he is the fun-machine!!!!!!!
March 13th:

The second before I clicked the shutter Button had her head down on her toy... it was too cute, but I missed it and she wouldn't do it again despite much coaxing!!!!!
March 14th & 15th:
Once more I cannot decide if these photos are better in colour or black/white... so you get both! Button is starting to understand about posing for the camera - she loves seeing the pictures after I have taken them; so that is how I bribe her to smile, but it doesn't always work for making her stand still! She stands for a second then comes running at me to 'see' the photo - no…

Just Thinking...

I have been thinking...

Whenever I say this my hubby rolls his eyes and tells me he doesn't want to hear about it... bit mean huh!!!!! He knows he is going to hear about it anyway though - so it is quite a futile reaction really ;-)!!!!!
Anyway - I was talking to a friend the other day who also has a daughter, and then two days later there was an article in an old magazine I randomly picked up at Labtests; and I have had numerous discussions on this with friends and my sis-in-law also (the local one with daughters)... over the years.
The other night hubby told me he thought (thinks) I am beautiful - he doesn't say it very often, and normally there is something that sparks a comment such as this. But this was just 'out of the blue'; and took me by surprise... I didn't really respond at the time, but later asked him what it was that had attracted him to me. He said he can't think of anything specific - it was rather the 'whole package' (for those unaware, we…

DD 15 = 5-10th March 2012

5th March:

Today was all about hard work... decluttering the dining/living room, and my bookshelves! So there has been yet another rearrange in the living area as the photos above show (my Dad says I take after my Nana - said they never knew what the house would look like by the time they got home from school). Hubby says the same - he doesn't even bat an eyelid when he gets home and things have been changed AGAIN! Button also takes it all in her stride, and never seems to worry - thankfully! I did pre-warn Hubby this time though, so he knew it was coming (and even helped me a bit, as well as putting his foot down to a few of the changes I had initially wanted *sigh*)! 
Grrr - Button has just woken up, yesterday she gave me 2 hours 20, today it has been slightly over the hour... never mind. Be back tonight IF I'm lucky!
Nope... never made it back yesterday; hopefully I'll get a longer sleep out of her today and manage to finish this post!
Anyway - I love the new look, much mor…


Loads of people are commenting on the most recent changes in Blogger; most annoyingly, now you have to verify two words, not one... and they are VERY difficult to read. To the point it is almost ridiculous; and some people have stopped commenting altogether.
I have finally worked out (after much frustration) how to turn off 'Word Verification', and am only using the 'Comment Moderation' tool now! Yay for me... 

Linking in hereand here!
So please come back and comment on my blog again, it's all easy-peasy once more; nothing too difficult or annoying  ;-)!

DD 14 = 1-4th March 2012

1st March:

Top: Early morning rituals with Button... snuggles with Mummy after breakfast watching a DVD! Normally she is out of her PJ's by then though - obviously this was a lazy day!
Bottom: The very decadent hot chocolate I bought while out with my friend Deirdre for a girly-night! Mmmmmm!!!!
2nd March:

Fly hunting... Button had found a fly limping along the ground and became quite fascinated as it didn't fly away (injured I suspect)! Kept telling me all about it :-)!
3rd March:

It started with Mr.C and Button reading in bed... it was too cute, especially as she had to be holding her 'Mr Rabbit' as well (a crucial element at all bedtimes)!
Then I got to attend a lovely baby shower put on for a good friend from church... it was lovely to see her so blessed! But I am not kidding when I say at least 3/4 of the ladies attending were pregnant or had babies under 6 months old, and the other 1/4 were Grandmothers (or soon to be Grandmothers of the aforementioned friend)! I have n…

DD 13 = 28-29th February 2012

28th February:

Guess you've got to try it at least once ;-)! (In case you can't tell - Button is trying to pick up some chippies with a play fork...)!
29th February:

Our beautiful daughter. Can't decide if I like the colour version or the B&W version best, so you get both :-)!
These were taken at Playcentre by one of the other Mum's who is an amazing eye for photography, and a fantastic camera! Loving it!

These were taken the same day, but by me with my phone camera... I was trying to get the messy mouth but she wouldn't look up! However, I still quite like them; and it shows off her gorgeous long dark eyelashes ;-)!

The New Spare Room - as requested!

Here you go Amy... the new spare room; loving it! Just hope it stays this tidy :-)!

Top Left - Looking from the bookshelves down towards end of bed and white cupboards (which hides a doorway into the neighbours part of the house...) Top Middle - Inside of white cupboards... TIDY and decluttered! I should have taken a pre-tidy photo; but it would have been TOO embarrassing! Top Right - Looking from the front of the cupboards back towards the bed and bookshelves.
Bottom Left - Closer up view of the bookshelves... so tidy, so organised! These shelves have taken the overflow from my lounge bookshelves, which now look like they're supposed to! I LOVE it (oh, and I LOVE books)!!!!!! Bottom Right - Looking in from the door...
You will note there are still no photos of the window side of the bed... it is still a 'storage corner' with baby stuff! But this weekend we are swapping over the top bedrooms, which means that there will be room to put these things away in their correct places, y…

New Bedroom for Button...

Button moved into her new 'Big Girls Bedroom' yesterday, with no problems whatsoever... we'd emptied it out three weeks ago as the 'spare room' and moved that; and had then moved a lot of her toys into it - explaining along the way this was going to be her new room soon. 
So yesterday was finally the big move with her cot,  the final piece:

Keeping an eye on the proceedings, and then taking the final screw down the stairs for Daddy!

Watching with interest as Daddy puts it back together, and then we just had to test that the mattress was as bouncy downstairs, as it had been upstairs!

The final touches: 1) The cot fully made up with Wiggles blanket and all 2) Her curtains going up in the new bedroom

Quick look around her bedroom... Still got to get her some draws, will be giving her some new curtains (these will go into the new baby's room eventually), and some decals.
So still some work to do - stay tuned!

Silent Sunday - Beautiful

No words required...

I'm Accepted...

I am currently using our 'good' car, the toyota (it is the one with the air-conditioning *grin*), while poor hubby has the big old HOT subaru (with the black leather seats, urghh)! We swap over winter though, as the subaru chews through the petrol something chronic, and Mr.C does a LOT more driving than me throughout the week.
Anyway - the point is, in the toyota there is only a radio and tape deck, no CD player at all (and yet it's not that old)! So this summer I have been having fun going back through my old teenage tapes and introducing Button to some good old 1980's Christian rock music; I am guessing most of you won't even have heard of most of the singers I listen too... but the more I sing along loudly to this music - the more grateful I am for the strong foundations I have had the privilege of growing up with. This is something I want to offer my children also - as one thing I have discovered for myself, just as many others have, music stays with you forever…
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